The chrome on the bottom barrel threads that go into the shock-mount has tarnished. Microphones/DIs Condenser. Please set-up an appointment to pick up your order. Advanced Audio CM414 This is a "B" stock microphone. Advanced Audio CM 414 Advanced Audio CM414 Fet Sonarworks XREF 20 Rode Blimp x3 Sound Devices 702 Sound Devices 442 Zoom H6 Zoom XY Microphone Zoom MS Microphone. Advanced Audio CM414 x 2; Advanced Audio CM48; Advanced Audio DM20; Audio-Technica AT4033; Audio-Technica ATM650 x 2; AKG D112 x 2; AKG D40 x 6; AKG C430 x 4 ; Charter Oak S600 x 2; Oktava MK-519 x 2; Oktava MK-319 OF Mod; Oktava MK-012 x 2; EV Cardinal; Drums. Antelope Audio Pure2. Dave Thomas describes the circuit as a reproduction of the circuit in the AKG C 414 EB. Advanced Audio CM414 [2] AKG C414 EB (C12 brass cap) AKG C414B-TLii* AKG 451* Avantone CK40 (stereo) BLUE Bottle Rocket [2]: The CM414 has a more present sound than the later AKG C414/P48. AKG C451B. Dry product comparison of: AKG 414 Advanced Audio CM414 Advanced Audio CM47fet Recorded at 24bit/88khz, NO FX, NO EQ, NO Dynamics, Just Volume Matched, and Bounced out to 16/44.1 Stereo Mix Vintage King's Los Angeles and Nashville showrooms are available for curbside pickups. Shure KSM32. Shure SM57 (4) Cascade Fathead (2) Smart Research C2 Dual Compressor. Sennheiser 441 (2) Sennheiser 421 (4) Audix D6. The CM414 response is very smooth up to 8 kHz, then rises to about 4 dB at 15 kHz, adding an “airy” quality to the sound. It is a two-stage design, using two transistors. Just 16 years ago, people thought it fairly alright to set up a music recording studio at home. Advanced Audio CM414 (2) Beyer M160 (2) Shure SM7B. Advanced Audio Microphones CM-414 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone. The CM-414 is a 3-pattern FET condenser with a transformer-coupled output circuit. Tag Archives: advanced audio cm414 Evolution of Music Recording Studios With Advance Technology. Lynx Aurora 16 (2) Digi 888 (4) Neumann U87. The Advanced Audio CM414 is a large dual-diaphragm, 3-pattern fet microphone based on the early AKG C414eb. Audix D2 (4) Audix i2. Royer 121.

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