Since LECOM at Seton Hill is an additional location, all student- related data is included with the Erie campus data. If anyone has minor comments they can make about why they would just one over the other please make a post. But it's generally considered that the state DO schools are better than the rest. Can't really say anything to PBL as I don't know Lecom's lecture system but having 60% mandatory lectures at ACOM was... not helpful. Yay! I haven't heard back from them since. Drstranger, I reached out to an admissions counselor recently to obtain contact info for anyone currently in that fellowship. The match results from recent years have been really great as well. Seriously? There is cheap tuition but no value out of it beyond the PBL. I was going to ask, because there are no recent threads on cycle earliness or lateness (all of them are from 5+ years ago) -- what is considered early or late in the cycle? Reactions: swimsingmed. They don't have a huge selection of clinical rotation sites whereby its a 1:1 or 1:2 preceptor to student ratio which once again reduces tuition. Check both ACOM and LECOM-B's web pages for research and you tell me which one has been properly constructed in a clear and organized manner with a plethora of research options. ACOM is located in Dothan, Alabama – a vibrant and evolving city with small-town charm, lively culture and all the conveniences of big city living. Do you want to travel that far for rotations? Yay! I only live a few hours away so I’ll have to take them up on visiting their campus. LECOM medical students participate in either the osteopathic or allopathic residency match. If so, are students withheld from taking the real COMLEX if they dont pass the practice COMLEX? II waitlist for the second year in a row. It would be ideal to go here! This may provide you and others some insight into why you've been waitlisted. Thank you, yes, they make you take practice exams. There are events designated as mandatory (usually integrated sessions, TBLs, or guest lecturers). Your reply is very long and likely does not add anything to the thread. Submitted my secondary here a few days ago (Should have sent it waaaay before, but decided not to, just recently got deferred by my Early Decision MD school, so I submitted all my DO apps). Your new thread title is very short, and likely is unhelpful. I’ve seen you all over this thread and really hope you hear good news next week! We will see once PE restarts after covid (who knows when that is) if the changes have been for the better, but I bet they will be. Same except I’ve been complete since late September, just declined my acceptance! Thanks @BoneWizard ACOM's Partial List: ... Medical College of Georgia Ascension Providence UF Shands East Kentucky Ohio Health Your reply is very long and likely does not add anything to the thread. Ah ok. Would you be able to help me find someone to speak with? The on-site housing is quite expensive but look at the convenience it provides. What are your stats and relevant experiences? Thank you! Osteopathic School-Specific Discussions <2020. Residency Match. Timothy Coyle (PharmD '20) Nisha Patel (PharmD '20) Sarah Sheahon (PharmD '20) Janine Miller (PharmD '20) We are so proud of our graduates. Might be wrong. Also, PE is a very subjective exam and graded very subjectively, it is arguably the least important board score. From the info session during my interview day, there was talk of some program (maybe it was actually just like an advisor) who sits down with you and goes over what you can do to make you CV for residency applications more competitive. Should I be worried? The research lab has a capacity for a dozen students per year makes no sense when the LECOM-B does not have a proper research webpage.

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