With the amount of work needed to get good at altissimo, you may need to ask yourself if this is the best way for you to spend your practice time right now. What’s important is that you practice using these front fingerings for E, F and F#. Also, I am having a lot of trouble with altissimo G, any fingering that makes use of the front F key does not come out at, just emits an airy gargling sound. I’ll definetly be using the core essentials exercise to warm up and I’ll be using your tips to reach those altissimo notes. So first make sure you know your front E and F fingerings and start practicing some basic exercises using them instead of the palm key fingerings. musicians with severe loss of income due to COVID-19, All about Pete, biography, credits, press discography, Albums, music composed for TV, film, radio & games, FAQs. You might do better to focus on other things first. I learned this from Donald Sinta in a master class a long time ago, and when I started doing this, it unlocked these notes for me. Wish me luck. Altissimo Fingerings for Alto Saxophone by Christopher Barrick F#3 G3 G#3 A3 1. 2. Watch my video on making your own palm key risers. Gregory, If you’re doing all those things right, the note should just pop right out. Main fingering for accessing altissimo. Big & Bad Thanks so much, I have gained a lots from here and I will be glad if can get that spread sheet to download and other books or write-ups that can help me on saxophone, Enthusiasm and desire can break through all difficulties, Pingback: Are You Practicing the Right Stuff on Saxophone? Once you’ve worked on Front E, F and F# for a while playing long tones and these exercises and can get those notes out consistently and with confidence, you’re ready to try an altissimo G. I play these notes using the first of the two examples given. Please can you send your tips to me through email. Once you get it, try alternating with a bottom Bb. Showgirls The shape of this key varies from one brand of saxophone to another so yours may me a different shape. Do you need harder reeds or a wider tip mouthpiece for altissimo? Also be sure to follow BetterSax on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to stay up to date with us for news, giveaways, and other saxophone tips and tricks. I am now working on that A again and the best fingerings for the other overtones. I almost have to visualize these tips you have given Watch my video on how to play altissimo on the saxophone. Thank you! Pretend as though the reed is part of your body like your vocal chords. Regarding altissimo, I play an old Buescher True Tone with no front-F key. Resuming alto sax playing at 64 after a 46 year break. If you don’t always nail the altissimo notes, you’re not alone. Great site Jay! Think of just sliding from front F into altissimo F#. Like the singer/vocal cord thing along w the garden hose nozzle and with my own imagery of random things like geographic places that certain tunes make me think of… Any additional tips for us front-F key limited players? So it can be useful to use a slightly harder reed while learning to voice the altissimo notes, then revert to a softer reed once you feel confident about voicing the notes, and use your diaphragm and breath support to be able to articulate and sustain the notes. Lot’s of people start by trying to play high G. This is one of the hardest altissimo notes. Intermediate – Advanced, Arrange a one to one consultancy/lesson in saxophone, improvising, composing. Can you send me please the file? Try playing normal B first finger left hand and getting it to overblow to a high G. You can try bis B flat fingering to get the F#. It’s great. Every saxophone player has struggled with this. 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