; Page 2 At-A-Glance Reference Guide ® to BERNINA Presser Feet, Attachments, and Accessories ZIGZAG FOOT … Closed sole – is recommended for sewing on slippery or sticky fabrics and for matching plaids. The standard sole is closed around the needle, a special quilting sole is open in front to allow full view of the needle, and a sole with a central guide for edge-stitching and stitching in the ditch. There are ¼” and 1/8″ markings on the sole to serve as seam and cornering guides. The BERNINA Walking Foot #50 has three interchangeable soles specifically made to help you perfectly space your stitches. Page 1 Feet-ures, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 and the BERNINA USA website (www.berninausa.com) Understanding the Numbers/Letters BERNINA presser feet are numbered and may have one or two additional versions with a letter that follows the number, such as Edgestitch Foot #10C or Jeans Foot #8D. Walking foot with open sole attached. The BERNINA Triple Sole Walking Foot #50 comes with three interchangeable soles.

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