Better to bulk more leanly, right? (Just one reason why weight lifting will change your life.) "When you lift to failure-the point where you physically can't do it any more-all your muscle … Nothing replaces hard work and perseverance at the gym. For someone who's already muscular, gaining some fat makes them look beefy. Thing is, when you look up how to do a lean … 5 Ways to Build Lean Muscle Fast 5 Ways to Build Lean Muscle Fast. But for someone who's still fairly thin, it can make us look skinny-fat. The best way to build lean muscle mass is by lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises until you're tapped out. The True Rate Of Muscle Growth. Really, it’s the only way to get strong and to build lean, hard muscle mass. One of the most common issues that us skinny guys run into while bulking is gaining too much fat. Men: 0.5 – 2.5lbs of muscle gained per month. Not a big deal. ; More specifically, you can expect to end up in the upper … Bottom line: Whey takes the crown because it digests fast and gets to your muscles rapidly to start building muscle. If you can make sure to accomplish one of these points each and every workout, you’re going to get strong and build lot’s of muscle… ; Women: 0.25 – 1.25lbs of muscle gained per month. It can make us look worse than when we started.

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