Trademarks and service marks (including, without limitation, the individual names of products and companies) are the property of their respective owners. A recent catheterization indicated that re-stenosis is evident and I now have significant new blockages in the new grafts and original arteries. Subjects were 24 to 60 years old and had LDL cholesterol levels of 160 mg/dl or higher. At 6 month follow up, the placebo group had improved significantly in all five domains of cognitive function. My problem with all statin drugs is, I can't find any benefits of lowering cholesterol from say 220 to 180. Doctors often prescribe statins for people with high cholesterol to lower their total cholesterol and reduce their risk of a heart attack or stroke. All too frequently, this group is willing to accept old age, "senior moments" or incipient senility as the cause, particularly when their physicians are also ignorant about this side effect of the statin drugs. Imagine, cholesterol, the same cholesterol we have been led by the pharmaceutical industry to be public health enemy number one, now proven to be absolutely vital in the formation and function of the trillions of synapses in our brains. When he reported this to the doctor she put him on Zocor at the highest dose even though his cholesterol was so normal. Can High Cholesterol Lead to Heart Disease? I am very concerned that on top of her other concerns, she may now have dementia. He may be right because my mother had previous mild strokes but if I would have known about possible cognitive problems or complications for patients on Lipitor in the insert I read, I would have researched further prior to blindly follow the doctor I trusted, who by the way politely dumped my mother as a patient since I wasn't going to follow his medical advice. Cramping in my left leg hadn't been very frequent, and now does not occur, so any improvement there is hard to measure. Thinking it should be lower, I asked the doctor to change the med. 2, Uffe Ravnskov - The Real Cause of Heart Disease? Because I was unable to gauge the recovery rate from my left-side stroke and attributing occasional ongoing cramping in the left-leg, less strength in left-arm vs. right-arm, short-term memory loss as recovery issues and age-issues, I continued on Lipitor for about 34 months. gcse.async = true; 4, 50 Facts on Statins, Cholesterol and Heart Health, Fat and Cholesterol Don't Cause Heart Attacks 1 of 3, Fat and Cholesterol Don't Cause Heart Attacks 2 of 3, Fat and Cholesterol Don't Cause Heart Attacks 3 of 3, My Statin Story Personal Experiences Main Menu, Chronic Neuromyopathy Triggered by Statin Use - part 1 of 2, Chronic Neuromyopathy Triggered by Statin Use - part 2 of 2, 08. It was picked up when she was recently admitted to the emergency department of our local hospital with chest pain. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) insists that statin bottles should indicate other side effects including mental confusion, liver problems, type 2 diabetes, and dementia. I finally informed my cardiologist about my concerns and I dropped Lipitor. Brand name and generic versions of statin drugs must carry these warnings on their labels, the FDA today announced. Evidence shows statins can cause diabetes, especially in women, the elderly and people of Asian descent. I battled for a year to get a doctor to agree with me about him being on Zocor for two years and Hyzor. If I ask him to do something, he has forgotten about it within ten minutes. Three years ago I started having noticeable memory problems, and since my mother had dementia, I decided to have testing.

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