In this article, we will discuss what a business strategy is and why it's important, the components of a business strategy and 10 examples of business strategies to help you generate ideas for your own company. 4. The following are illustrative examples. Here are some examples of ways parents can make natural consequences effective: Allow a 10-year-old to go outside without a hat on a chilly day (as long as it is not dangerously cold). The key here is the reinforcement, the encouraging of a behavior. Consequence Clause: A clause that identifies specific consequences that will be Some examples are given below: 1. Children are no exception. 5. Progress Monitoring—Checking for Success Module 11. If you stop showing up for work, you will likely get fired—a negative consequence. Responsive Classroom Strategies Examples of Logical Consequences Before reading this article, you might want to review Ruth Charney's earlier articles, Logical Consequences Teach Important Lessons and The Three R's of Logical Consequences. Cost leadership: Micromax smart phones and mobile phones are giving good quality products at an affordable price which contain all the features which a premium phone like Apple or Samsung offers. Examples of competitive strategy. Logical consequences, as we learned in the last two articles, are ways in which adults structure learning opportunities for children. Function-Based Behavior Intervention Strategies for Antecedents, Setting Events and Consequences; Teaching New Behavior(s) 3 . Consequences can be positive or negative. Looking to Hire? Using the Behavior Intervention Plan to Implement and Evaluate (WHO will do WHAT by WHEN and HOW?) Every choice you make leads to either positive or negative consequences. 2. What is business strategy? For example, if an employee has been in danger of being demoted and improves her behavior, deciding not to demote her is negative reinforcement. Module 9. Aligning the Functional Behavioral … Module 10. For example, if you go to work, you will be rewarded with a paycheck. Post a Job on Additional resources are listed at this end of this handout. A tactic is an immediate strategy designed to respond to fast changing realities.Tactics are a common aspect of business and life in general that involve seizing opportunities and managing risks as they arise. Consequences: Events that occur after the demonstration of any behavior. Strategies used to decrease or terminate students’ demonstration of a challenging behavior, including time-out or loss of privileges. You can begin teaching your children life lessons about their choices from an early age. The manager withholds the negative consequences as a sign that the employee has made a change in behavior. Handout #16: Function-Based Intervention Strategies The following tables provide possible intervention strategies to incorporate into a comprehensive behavior intervention plan based on the function of the problem behavior. They differ from strategy in that they aren't future plans but instead respond to present events and conditions. The natural consequence is that he’ll feel cold. There can be several examples based on the four parameters given by Michael Porter. Series of 12 Webinars on FBA (cont.)

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