The best detangling brushes for curly hair are an absolute must, because your average plastic comb is not even remotely worthy. $8.99 - $13.99. Its flexible silicone bristles work actively towards massaging your scalp and reinvigorating your hair follicles. The Tangle Teezer is widely considered the holy grail … They come with long, soft teeth that detangle knots without causing breakage. It detangles even the unruliest of manes in seconds and can be used for blow-drying sessions and styling as it defines your curls, giving a smooth and glossy look. To detangle your hair, apply a generous dose of conditioner. 10 Best Detangling Brushes For Curly Hair Of 2020, Points To Keep In Mind When Buying A Detangling Brush For Curly Hair. Kaiercat Boar Bristle Detangling Brush, $12, Amazon. People are rocking their volume and coils the way nature intended it, but it's not always as easy as it sounds. Make your brushing experience soothing one with the Osensia Detangling Flexi Brush. To keep your curls happy, detangle them when they are wet. ", Remington Electric Detangling Brush, $20, Amazon. The Conair Detangling Comb prevents flyaways. Not only are its bristles multicolored and wonky, but they're rounded to smooth strands and flexible to prevent pain. We're past the pin straight flat iron-obsessed days of the early 2000s, and curly hair is finally getting the recognition it deserves. This FlexiGlide hair brush is ideal for detangling wavy, curly, coily/kinky hair. Its flexible bristles can take more time and effort to brush long hair. With the Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush, wave hello to knot-free and healthy-looking hair. Should I detangle my curly hair every day? It’s smooth nylon pins are anti-static, and the natural rubber pad makes it ideal for shaping, smoothing, and polishing the hair. You may not know this, but your hair brush may be the main culprit. This patented wet-to-dry styling brush helps detangle stubborn knots while stimulating the scalp. This hair brush for curly hair is the perfect solution for kinky/medium and tight curls. This classic styling brush is a popular choice among curly-haired beauties. Tangle Teezer Thick And Curly, $17, Amazon, The Tangle Teezer is widely considered the holy grail of detangling brushes, and this version of the Tangle Teezer is specifically made for thick and curly hair. For short and mid-length hair, opt for a palm-sized hair brush. They detangle the hair smoothly by evenly disturbing natural oils from root to tip. It's often drier and more prone to breakage and frizz, so brushing it with the wrong tool can cause loads of damage. With the help of its 2-tiered firm-flex teeth, it leaves your curls tangle-free and adds impressive volume. This Kaiercat brush has boar bristles to distribute natural oils and nylon teeth to detangle. Let your hair feel the best it has ever felt, and rock those curls like never before! Boar bristle brushes are considered a good choice for curly hair because of their soft bristles that glide through the hair without causing much breakage. Do you need to look at the bristles, or should you focus on its durability? Hair brushes designed for curly hair function differently than regular ones as they reduce breakage and provide nourishment from the root to the tip. Don’t worry, we are here for you to answer all your queries. Its curved and oversized head makes it apt for all hair types. Perfect for sensitive scalps and stubborn knots. Stay on trend with the Wet Brush Original Detangler hair brush. It's enhanced with oil and extra soft brushes to smooth the cuticles instead of causing more damage. Moreover, it gently smooths the cuticle layer, which increases the overall shine. One must choose them as per their hair type: They are made from natural materials, which helps in reducing static. No more scratching your head; go and grab your favorite daily detangling brush to tame your unruly curls and shine in 2020.

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