A Boundary microphone is a small omnidirectional condenser mic capsule positioned near or flush with a boundary such as a wall or a floor. It all started in his workshop, with the hand crafting of stereo cartridges. You need an all-purpose mic to get started with pro-level audio! There are five color options available, and all of them have the same modern, sleek design. This amazing USB condenser gives you four selectable polar patterns, making it one of the most versatile condenser mics to cross our desks in a long time! Audio-Technica have developed and delivered products to power the Grammys, World Cup, Super Bowl, Commonwealth Games as well as every Summer and Winter Games from Atlanta 1996 to Sochi 2014. Designed to placed on flat surfaces like tables, podiums and altars. With a heavy die-cast case and silicon foam bottom pads to minimize coupling of surface vibration to the microphone, the U851RbO is equipped with self-contained electronics, eliminating the need for an external power module. The design is ideal for gamers, podcasters, streamers, or anyone else looking for great quality in a condenser mic. Le microphone périphérique USB omnidirectionnel Samson UB1 vous permet de saisir tous les détails importants. This mic has its very own anti-vibration shock mount, which helps to limit the sound of any movements. Making history. It is useful in surface-mounted applications, for meetings, teleconferencing and desktop computer use. Founded in 1962 by Hideo Matsushita, Audio-Technica positioned itself immediately as a leader in the manufacture and design of innovative audio products. Samson UB1 Omni-Directional USB Boundary Microphone - Ne laissez jamais une grande idée vous échapper. An omnidirectional microphone will help you pick up sound equally from all directions or sides. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. An omnidirectional microphone can make all the difference in the world when looking to record high-quality interviews and recordings. There is an LED indicator that will let you know your mic status, as well as an option to tap to mute yourself. Given the overall design of this microphone, it works well on podiums or lecterns… and makes a good choice for conference table use as well. Threaded inserts on the bottom of the microphone allow it to be mounted with screws for increased security. For those looking for a microphone that is ideal for gaming and podcasting, we recommend the HyperX Quad Cast. Here, we’ve highlighted the best omnidirectional microphones currently available, and have listed something for everyone. The overall construction of the Audio-Technica PRO 44 is also quite durable, and is designed to withstand rigorous and continuous use. These instances include interviews, performance recordings, and vocal recordings. In the event of such defect, the product will be repaired or replaced without charge*. Its expertise in innovation quickly spread to various new fields and led to the development of tone arms, microphones and headphones. The frequency range for this microphone is 70Hz to 15kHz with an output impedance of 200 Ohms. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. There are a lot of different omnidirectional microphones out there… but this one just delivers so much quality for the price that it was impossible to overlook. It also delivers serious bang for the buck! Available immediately . In other words… it sounds awesome in a room with several people in it! Today, Audio-Technica’s audio products have become globally synonymous with consistently high sonic performance paired with impeccable build construction and artistic design. The Audio-Technica PRO 44 is our pick for the best boundary microphone for a few different reasons. Since the UB1 is a class compliant USB device, it is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows. It’s Audio-Technica’s commitment to innovation, customer service and meticulous design that ensure professionals turn to us to provide solutions in conferencing, houses of worship, broadcasting, live sound, recording studios and beyond. And if you need something that fits inconspicuously on a podium or lectern, your best bet is likely the Audio- Technica PRO 44. Any one of the options listed here will capture sound, instruments, and voices perfectly. You can toggle between three settings so that you can record interviews, podcasts, music, or vocals. The best boundary microphone makes a lot of sense in a professional environment. This mic maximizes clarity, which is why it is considered the best omnidirectional microphone for conducting interviews. Along with the microphone, you receive a user’s guide, USB cable, and an adjustable stand with every purchase. The microphone's low-profile design assures minimum visibility. Join our mailing list for exclusive discounts and offers. £119. Check out our review of the 9 Best USB Microphones for Vocals here!). the t.bone GZ 1 USB. The UB1 can … This low-profile boundary mic requires no external power module. You don’t need any external power modules with this one, since the electronics are self-contained. A self-made man and audiophile,  Hidéo Matsushita was the former Director of the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art. When you buy with our links, we may earn a commission. The omnidirectional microphone is equipped with a PivotPoint® rotating output connector, UniSteep® filter and UniGuard® RFI-shielding technology. With the HyperX Quad Cast, you can plug right into a Mac, PC, or PS4, as it is certified by TeamSpeak and Discord, ensuring great broadcasting quality and clarity. The HM-M2 is a dynamic, handheld microphone designed to aid on the field interviews. The performance is excellent, given the low-mass diaphragm and the wide-range condenser element. Singapore 408555 From the Manufacturer Skip to content. Depending on your needs, you are certain to find the best omnidirectional microphone in our list here. It helps to reduce plosives, while also limiting low-frequency noise. It uses a dual-capsule design, and produces clean, crisp recordings without generating a lot of distortion or feedback. For a budget option, the Blue Snowball could easily be considered the best omnidirectional microphone. Conference USB Microphone for Computer, TKGOU Plug & Play Omnidirectional Boundary Condenser PC Microphones for Streaming,VoIP Calls,Skype,Chatting 4.3 out of 5 stars 391 $27.99 $ 27 . It offers an isolated omnidirectional microphone capsule that provides clear spoken audio, and uses a pop filter to limit any handling noise so that you can walk and talk at the same time… without worrying about picking up too much unwanted noise. Read our review on the best-rated boundary mic to learn more! Product page Shure Only Boundary Microphones of Shure . 99 The Movo HM-M2 was designed with reporting in mind, taking the unique needs of this art form into account. Here are our top choices for the best handheld for interviews, the best boundary microphone for conference rooms, the best USB, and the best budget option. Instead, it has a simple plug-and-play design that just about anyone can use easily. The Movo HM-M2 is perfect for interviews, multi-person podcasts, or YouTube Q and A sessions. Our favorite option for interviews is definitely the Movo HM-M2. It also gives you a wide-range condenser element with a low-mass diaphragm. It was even featured as our Top Pick option in our review of the Top 16 Best Computer Microphones For USB! The arrangement provides a directional half-space pickup pattern while delivering a relatively phase-coherent output signal. #01-14 Focus One, That adapter fits both 5/8-inch and 3/8-inch thread sizes. It accepts interchangeable condenser elements, available separately, in cardioid and hypercardioid polar patterns. You may opt-in our waiting list and we'll notify you once the product is restocked. An omnidirectional microphone will in principle pick up sound equally from all directions. Email: marketing@audio-technica.com.sg. It is ready to record straight out of the box, and doesn’t require any additional drivers. This is possible due to the daisy-chain capabilities of this boundary mic. Whether it’s on the boardroom table, the stage or in the studio, Audio-Technica products are trusted time and again by industry professionals looking for reliable, lovingly developed audio products for all budgets. Ideal for conference rooms, classrooms and meeting spaces, the UB1 makes it easy to setup, install and capture audio on your computer. Standard Delivery Times. 50 years later, Audio-Technica has become a global leader in audio innovation. (Interested in some other awesome USB mic options for vocals? Ideal for meetings and teleconferencing, the audio technical omnidirectional condenser microphone is a boundary microphone with an omnidirectional polar pattern. Frequency range: 17 - 16,000 Hz. It delivers plug and play usability and fantastic audio for less than $65! Add: 1 Ubi View, With these, you can easily perform great interviews and podcasts with fewer plosives, while limiting any wind noise. The Movo HM-M2 also comes with a carrying pouch for easy transport, and a one-year warranty with customer service assistance that is based in the USA.

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