Overlap the bandage each time. How to use a roller bandage: With the tail of the bandage, place it over the limb and roll up and continue to unwind the bandage over the limb. INTRODUCTION. Conforming bandages – used for holding dressings in place. Simple, Transverse, Spiral, Comminuted,Impacted and Greenstick. There are various types of Fracture. Types of bandages: Crepe bandages – used for sprains, fractures & pressure bandage. There are various types of Fracture. Breaking of a bone is called fracture. Bandages are applied to cover and treat wounds, to prevent (post operative) swelling or to treat fractures temporally. The figure-of-eight wrap is the main technique for support of the wing. Bandages and splints are generally indicated for short-term stabilization only. Surgical fixation often provides the best long-term prognosis. The dried splint is secured in place by wrapping an elastic bandage in a distal to proximal direction. Provide support by using string and bandage. A bellyband is incorporated for humeral or pectoral girdle fractures. Patient should be handled by an expert doctor.

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