I actually didn’t know there was a zipper tote option, until recently. If not, is that a problem? A colourful variation of the emblematic Saint-Louis tote, the reversible Saint Louis Claire Voie reinvents the iconic Goyard chevron pattern by creating the illusion that one can actually view the bright double-coated lining through the Goyardine canvas. It's almost like my Mary Poppins bag! Your thought on durability? I haven't reviewed the LV Neverfull, so I can't compare the Goyard tote to Louis Vuitton tote. My Louis Vuitton tote has lasted longer. For example, the black sweater for your review of your Goyard tote? How has this been holding up over time? We would like to use cookies to create statistics regarding visits. Now that I've had the tote for over a year, it's definitely seen is fare share of use. It honestly still looks brand new, except for the pen ink stain on the interior - oops. I’ve been wanting the red or orange one but couldn’t find a proper review. Items 1 - 12 of 25. Just something to keep in mind. I called and they want me to pay $300 to replace the handle. Goyard Clutch Bag MM SKY Blue. They really do have the best service! The XXL size was introduced back in 2018 and has extra large and wide handles. Thank you SO much for this review. Do you have any issues with holes in the corners of the canvas or the straps cracking at all? xx. Glad to hear you were able to get them to help provide a price – I know not all boutiques are the same way. When I am back in Paris I’m getting one and will let you know about pricing and VAT refunds. Within 10 years the Goyard brand was re-established with timeless elegance, craftsmanship and exclusivity. Sorry for the confusion! A lot of you guys asked why I chose the Goyard Tote over the Louis Vuitton Neverfull (MM or GM), and honestly it was just personal preference. If you still have questions about something, please feel free to email me! Thanks for this great review Amy. For more information on the use of cookies, please see our Cookie Policy. I was in the market for a new tote that I could use mostly for work & travel, and ultimately decided on the Goyard St Louis GM tote. Edmond turned the now iconic store on rue Saint-Honoré into a shopping destination for the elite. For our readers, we have gone to the edge of the internet to discover the famous Goyard totes prices. The name Claire Voie was inspired by an architectural technique used to brighten structures by allowing light to shine through. I didn't do anything specific - read, Did you/can you monogram? The Goyard St Louis tote looks beautiful! I bought my tote at the original Goyard boutique on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris during the fall of 2017. You mention that it still looks brand new…just wondering if you have taken it out in cold weather. The straps on my red goyard bag peeled and would stain my clothes. The name Claire Voie was inspired by an architectural technique used to brighten structures by allowing light to shine through. So, you mention that this is a review for the GM tote, however, your first paragraph keeps saying “PM”: One of my more recent designer handbag purchases was the Goyard St Louis PM tote. I’m still so happy with my decision, so today I’ll be sharing my honest review of the Goyard St Louis PM tote, as well as answering some of your most asked questions. This was such a detailed and informative post. I just bought this same bag and I’m wondering how yours is holding up? What’s the most versatile color? Great post! Thx. It messes up my clothing. How do you care for your bag? I also love the white! Sort by. Suscribe to be the first to know about Goyard’s latest news. Below I'm sharing my pros & cons about the Goyardine St Louis GM Tote. I have heard that using the bag in extreme cold temps (like Chicago & New York), people have had issues with leather cracking, but so far the bag has held up perfectly for me! GOYARD ARTOIS TOTE BAG PINK. Not at all!!! FYI in relation to price. They were most helpful and answered a couple of other questions I had by email. Can you share the sources for what you are really wearing? I have heard that the handles can start to crack if worn in very cold temperatures. Hi – Its linked in the post under outfit details. I was travelling to Hong Kong and knew I was going to purchase a Goyard from the Peninsula store. I have not yet seen it in person but they say it’s very similar, but with zipper closure. Love the new site and all of your content! Please don’t take it that way! It has almost no structure, but its basic silhouette and overall lightness makes it extremely versatile. What do you think of it in Navy? The purchase is setup through one of their brand ambassadors and completed through wire transfer. On a trip to New York last year, I invested in the Artois (cuz it has a zipper and sometimes I’m a mess) and the Saint Marie clutch to keep my junk together (it helps)….thanks for introducing me to this brand because I wasn’t feeling it with the LV tote since everyone has it! Love the review, I might add it on my wishlist! I emailed ahead and got them to provide a price, in my case in Australian Dollars. I think its such a classic design and more unique since not as many carry Goyard. Excellent! Great info, thanks for reviewing! yes there is a line in the straps, that is normal. Both St. Louis and Anjou totes are reversible, and with the Anjou, with one side is Goyardine and one side is solid-colored leather, which accounts for the difference in price.. Just read other responses! $89.00 $377.00 Save: 76%. xx. I noticed the glazing seems to be thin and I can see a line where two pieces of material line up in the straps.

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