I’ve been so busy with many things I can’t begin to list them. Click on any images below or search "thehighheelgourmet" and hit follow. The Asian rice flour, the rice would be soak, grind then dry.) 1.3) Sen Mee, the rice vermicelli. Thanks! I then proceeded to pull the noodles apart– they were definitely room temperature after all those hours sitting out but not as flexible as the ones in your photos; they were still stiff and holding their shape if you know what I mean? My end result was a mushy plate of tiny broken pieces of sen-yai noodles. Hi! (Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can skip the next six paragraphs then, if you don’t care.). Reblogged this on Egg in the Middle and commented: This was a great post, and very informative. Of course, the Thai adopted the dish but they twisted it to fit their palate. (Please advise if I’m wrong here. I have so many house guests lately and didn’t have time to visit my favorite blogs (haha…I didn’t even visit my own blog often enough. -mira-, Again just a wonderful post. However, the characteristics of each rice area will vary. These are also called Mee Hoon or Bi Hun in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. I don’t use them at all because I can always find the fresh ones. We like it super spicy! You can use Woon Sen to make Pad Thai too. Once you have them, you want to only eat them that way….just a warning. I would love to try to make it myself. (I remember my student time…so don’t want to go back to that EVER…hugging my diploma tight…haha), Great to hear from you! I still hasn’t study all of them yet. This kind is sometimes called Sen Chan or Guay Tiew Chantaburi, and also rice sticks. The instructions in that recipe also told me to use sen-yai/Chinese hor fun noodles. How to say kuay tiew in English? Another option when ordering kuay-tiew at a street vendor is to order your noodles haeng. You can also buy the dry ones, too. I have had an overwhelming response to my absence in blogging; sorry about that. You can buy dried Sen Lek if you can’t find fresh ones and just soak them in water before use. Boat Noodle (Guay tiew rua): A very popular choice and get's its name from the fact that this dish used to be served by vendors who would sell along the canals from their small wooden boats. If you squeeze the bag just lightly, you will feel that the noodles should be soft and not hard like a brick. The words are from the Teochew Chinese word 粿條/粿条 pronounced “guotiao”, meaning cooked rice strips. heehee). The word kóe-tiâu (literally meaning "ricecake strips") generally refers to flat rice noodles, which are the usual ingredient in West Malaysia and Singapore. Do the same prep, brush the plate with oil and put about 3 1/2 tablespoons of batter in the plate. If the fresh noodles are not that difficult to get, do it but if they are so far away don’t try. Before use, just see if the noodles have some moldy spots. MOST THAIS only need to say the words – guay-tiew-ruea – for their mouths to start watering. Interesting, informative, easily understood and again like always, the pictures are GREAT! They are white, fine and delicious. During his time, just as in the King Narai era, Thailand traded with several foreign merchants who brought their own food cultures to the Thai people. Pronunciation of kuay tiew with 1 audio pronunciation and more for kuay tiew. So that’s why this is becoming a series on its own. Waiting for the sauces or broth. I have a recipe for Yum Woon Sen, or cellophane noodle salad, here and in the near future I will have more recipes. I managed to find a box of the wide rice noodles in the refrigeration section of my local Asian supermarket. If not, then there would have been many vendors bunched together on one corner. Best wishes from here in New Zealand . Hi, everybody! Have you previously put them in the fridge before? These four are the staple noodles in the Thai noodles market. Before we even begin, I need to prep you first because we have our shared ingredients that are found in every kind of noodles, and then there will be the different ingredients in each kind. Thanks for the comprehensive tutorial. All About Noodles, Sen Guay Tiew – Thai Noodles for the Beginner Episode I, King Narai Maharat or King Ramathibodi III. I love all kinds of noodles and I could live on noodles for months before I even thought about rice. This type of noodle is made by pulling the dough and stretching it so, so super far until the dough comes out very thin and fine. 1. I still don’t know how to make the shave noodles! How many bowls can you eat!? It may sound weird, but the blood broth is really, really good. I’d love to get my hands on those first, fresh noodles. 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