I know on the big scheme of things, it won’t affect my efforts and it keeps me happy! The 40-year-old American bodybuilder has done well thus far! Everything in her life was going wrong. "People stare at me in the gym for [sprinting]," Erin says. Profession:Miscellaneous Crew, Assistant Director, Actress. So what is Erin Stern’s salary per year? "We have platforms where I work out, so I'll also do hang cleans or hang snatch, some kind of Olympic lift, maybe 5 sets of 5 reps. Most of Erin’s money comes from being a bodybuilder. How tall is Erin Stern – 1,81m. Erin Stern information. How much is Erin Stern worth? Her knowledge & experience is worth so much more than the cost!" I still do a lot of sport-specific training, and I’ve found that a low-fat, higher carb, and higher protein diet work really well for me. Yes, Erin lifts weights, but she finds balance by training for strength, speed, and physique. Height, Weight. In this video, Erin Stern Fitness shows you how to properly do the RDLs - B-Stance weight lift. Bio. Erin Stern Social Profiles/Links. Erin Stern on Rebounding from a Low Point to 14 Bodybuilding Titles At age 27, Erin Stern had hit a low point. Height:1.76. Birth date and age: 1980-02-05 . "She quickly responds to questions and gives in-depth & easy to understand answers. Just one year later, she won her first fitness competition. Each activity supports the other. Weight:62.6. Erin Stern Posted on May 3, 2019 A healthy lifestyle begins with a good nutrition plan, but supplements can help fill in the gaps. She turned to strength training to get her out of the funk. "Erin Stern is the most involved online fitness professional I've come across. Erin Stern’s net worth estimate is $100,000 - $1M. Facebook Wikipedia. Seriously, if I want an apple at 10pm, I will eat it.

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