Make sure that you go for a brush with bristles long enough to massage your scalp. Products like R&B hair moisturiser by Lush will help keep the hair moisturised and give more definition to your curls. “If your hair is dry, the cuticle opens up to try to absorb the moisture in the air,” he explains. For a more natural way to keep your thick hair happy, use coconut oil. Thick hair has volume and bounce to spare, but this texture doesn’t always equal perfect hair days. I only use heat once per week or once every two weeks to avoid damage and breakage. “Some people leave a bit of conditioner in, but a little body lotion used post-shower will make hair soft and manageable.”. Those of you with thick curly hair will know that if you’re not careful with how you use your dryer, you’ll be rewarded with the poodle look. Then, wash it out in the shower with a sulfate-free shampoo. Moisture is key to keeping hair happy – and there’s hardly anything more moisturising than raw shea butter. Oh Lord, it feels so good! 5. Your hair will look its best if it’s moisturized, but sulfates dry out your hair. We don’t keep our hair secrets. Try to avoid using heat on your hair as much as possible ( blow drying, curling, or straightening ). Why should anyone want to skip the shampoo, you ask? Hair that extends past your shoulders elongates your strands, weighs unruly hair down and won’t add extra width to your frame. If your thick hair is on the frizzy side, a sulfate-free shampoo will be your best friend. The good news is that there are many good vitamins for hair, that are worth investing in if your hair is a little unhappy. Once you’re done styling, run a lightweight finishing spray or oil over your locks to add hold and shine. Which is why you may choose to air-dry your hair instead – and we have some tips on how to perfect your routine. Have a good hair day! To up your mane’s moisture levels, reach for a creamy hair mask that will reduce volume. Firstly, brush your hair in the shower rather than afterwards, so that the curls don’t lose definition. Plus, girls with thick frizzy hair can afford to do that without worrying about the greasy look (something that people with fine, thin hair wouldn’t be able to do!). If your roots feel greasy, spritz them with Style Edit Invisible Dry Shampoo. Deep conditioning strengthens, protects, and revitalizes your hair. The amount of conditioner you use is making you bankrupt, and you just can’t help but turn to heated styling tools in an attempt to reduce the frizz! The vitamins you need the most are Vitamin A, biotin and Vitamin E, so make sure you grab a pack of those next time you’re at the pharmacy. Follow our Facebook and Instagram for daily tips and inspiration. Thankfully, there are products that can help you speed it up, so you can be out the door and getting on with your life quicker. We never share Your data with 3rd parties. Try Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo, which does wonders with thick, unruly and frizzy hair. Take a Smaller Section "You never want the section of hair you're brushing to be wider than the brush," says Santiago. We’d recommend not going above 380 degrees for thick hair – and always using heat protection (at the moment, we’re all about HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector). Keep up with trims. Sometimes, air-drying is simply not an option. We all know that heat isn’t the best for your hair, so just be extra cautious if you have fine and thin hair. (Aveda makes a lovely one with cupuaçu and shea butters.) “Avoid rubbing your hair with the towel, instead just blot — the gentler, the better,” says Giannini. Coconut oil is a wonderfully effective product to turn to when your body or hair need a bit of a moisture boost. Dense, tightly curled hair can seem invulnerable, because it resists combing and may be difficult to straighten. If it’s ultra-sleek, shiny locks you’re after, apply a styling foam to towel-dried hair to smooth out the cuticle before air-drying, says Hayden. Take a pinch of it, work it into your hands until it melts like oil and use it to revive your curls when they need a bit of a boost. This can make your thick hair dry and brittle – especially if you use it every day! Do this once a week or so, leaving it in for about an hour before you wash it out each time. Updated March 28, 2018. This can make your thick hair dry and brittle – especially if you use it every day! Sulfate is a harsh cleanser, which strips the skin off its natural oils. Wet your hair and only use a conditioner to moisturise the ends. St. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. “Avoid anything that’s too short so that hair doesn’t expand horizontally.”, Just as with curly hair, hydration is the secret to conquering frizz and fly-aways. What bristle brushes do help with are distributing the natural oils (sebum) in your hair, this way preventing dryness and unwanted frizz. Let’s find out what the 10 best ways to keep thick hair healthy are, so that you can wave goodbye to thick hair problems, shall we? If your styling cream isn’t evenly distributed throughout it will have more of a chance of becoming frizzy.”, Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque, $35, Check the labels on the products you use to make sure they say “sulfate-free.” This applies to shampoo, conditioner, leave-in sprays, and any styling products you use. It also keeps them moisturized, soft, and strong. Use more of the hair moisturizer – or anything else that’s creamy to define your curls. Your hair might look better, but you’re not solving the frizz problem – in fact, you’re only making things worse in the long run. “After that, towel blot your hair of excess water and re-apply more product if needed, this way you can feel if there are any parts you may have missed. Distribute it on your hair after showering and before you throw your turbie on. But don’t worry, these foolproof tips from industry experts on how to manage thick hair will have unruly manes tamed in no time. A trusted brand will have ensured that their products are good quality, and don’t damage hair as much as some other flat irons out there. Once out of the shower, avoid vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel and use a head-wrap towel instead (this Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel is particularly handy!). Not sure which sulfate-free shampoo to go for? You will soon see the difference – hair will be softer and less brittle. “That applies to layers and fringe, as well — keep it long,” says Kristjan Hayden, creative director for Aveda Canada. 7 best boar bristle brushes on the market, HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil Heat Protector, 5 Best Moisturizing Products for Dry Hair, 8 Best Air-Dry Products and The Ultimate Guide to Air-Drying, 7 Best Clarifying Shampoos You Can Order on Amazon, 10 Best Shampoos for Dry Scalp Real People Swear By, Top 5 Coconut Oils for Hair: All-Natural Brands You'll Love, 7 Best Boar Bristle Brushes on the Market. Get hair style inspiration. 15 minutes in a Turbie Twist, and your hair should be ready for styling! © Copyright 2020 St. Joseph Communications. Another popular ‘solution’ to unruly, frizzy hair is turning up the heat on your styling tools, such as flat irons or curlers, to achieve a smoother look. Do pick your flat iron carefully, too – it should be a carefully chosen investment, not an impulse purchase. We often turn to smoothing and anti-frizz products to help manage our thick frizzy hair, which can be an effective way to deal with dryness externally. Ranked #1 dry shampoo by InStyle magazine, it’s lightweight and comes out completely clear. Those of you who have thick hair, will nod in agreement when I say that keeping it healthy and manageable is hard work. And we know that making thick, unruly hair look awesome with a blow-dryer can take up the whole morning (no-one has this much time to spare!). Shampooing can dry out your scalp and hair and make your locks really hard work. Ideally, brush it when the conditioner is on to help distribute its goodness. ), but the truth is that washing your hair too often can strip away your scalp’s natural oils, that are there to keep hair healthy. Using metal brushes on your thick wavy hair is an absolute ‘no’ – boar bristles is what you truly need to fix thick hair that’s a bit dry. Getting it out of your hair can be tricky sometimes, and as much as we love moisturised locks, no-one likes a greasy scalp.

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