Even though Hypatia herself was a pagan, she was tolerant of Christians. Snakes, Eagle Florida She is the first female mathematician to be written of and achieved the position of head of the respected Platonist school. Penguin Beavers Compare and Contrast, Noun Worksheets Hypatia wrote a number of books on mathematics and other subjects, as well as criticisms of philosophical and mathematical concepts. Hypatia has been characterized as a universal genius, but she was probably more of a teacher and commentator than an innovator. Sahara Desert Great White Shark This sample is exclusively for KidsKonnect members!To download this worksheet, click the button below to signup for free (it only takes a minute) and you'll be brought right back to this page to start the download! She was loved and admired by her students and people came from all over the world to hear her lectures. Colorado Swan Poetry In a 10th Century Byzantine encyclopedia (the Suda Lexicon), Hypatia was described as “exceedingly beautiful and fair of form - in speech articulate and logical, in her actions prudent and public-spirited, and the rest of the city gave her suitable welcome and accorded her special respect.” Fish Middle Ages She studied and taught neo-Platonist philosophy, and astronomy, and was generally regarded as an excellent teacher. Tragedy Hypatia was brutally murdered by a mob at the age of 45. World War 2 Raised by only her father,Hypatia of Alexandria was born in Alexandria,Egypt in 355 A.D..Some philosophers argue that Hypatia was born in 370 A.D..Hypatia was taught philosophy, science, literature, mathematics, and the arts by her own father, Theon of Alexandria,. Shaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah Biography for Kids. Eclipse Trail of Tears If you reference any of the content on this page on your own website, please use the code below to cite this page as the original source. Immune System Washington Context Clues US Independence He was her tutor and teacher; he trained Hypatia in the fields of arts, literature, science and philosophy. Sign up for FREE Printable Activities delivered straight to your inbox. 1. As a Neoplatonist, Hypatia believed the ultimate fate of her soul would be a union with the divine. Deciduous Forests The exact year of her birth is still under debate, with suggested dates ranging from 350 to 370 AD. Hypatia was a woman of intelligence and accomplishment - something quite unusual for women of the time. She was also taught to work on her speech, which gave her the gift of being a great speaker. Her brutal killing at the hands of a frenzied mob of Christian fanatics shocked the Greco-Roman world. Veterans’ Day Photosynthesis The exact year of her birth is still under debate, with suggested dates ranging from 350 to 370 AD. Conclusion Flood Veterans’ Day All Saints’ Day The library of Alexandria was a bubble of cultural knowledge, where many of the most famous thinkers studied. physical education consisted of rowing, swimming and horseback riding. Phonics, Dramatic Irony Types of Writing 4. The Pilgrims, Ancient China Graduated Cylinders American Civil War, Anne Frank Abraham Lincoln As a matter of fact, every one of her known students was Christian. Preferred to dress in the clothing of a scholar than the clothing of a woman. Sign Up. Bald Eagle Rocky Mountains Facts Bermuda Triangle Hypatia had Greek beliefs and at the time there was a stronger Christian following. Cacophony Click the button below to get instant access to these worksheets for use in the classroom or at a home. 1. Leaning Tower Of Pisa Okapi, Crabs These are ready-to-use Hypatia worksheets that are perfect for teaching students about Hypatia who was a mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who survived in a very turbulent era in Alexandria’s history. She became a teacher and wrote many books on mathematics along with criticisms of philosophical and mathematical concepts. - Be the first to hear about new Lottie Dolls, - Help to inspire the latest Lottie Dolls & accessories, - Suggest new ideas & activities you'd love to see, - Take part in exclusive launch team competitions, ← Older Post

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