I know the jarred baby food is really convenient but I was thinking that I should make my own baby food. Anyway, back to the phone call to the baby food company. The homemade stuff is way better! We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. You have been raised by your mom with all the good intentions she had for you so it's your turn to raise and care for your baby with all the good intentions you feel are best for your baby. Jarred baby food is heated to exceptionally high temperatures when it is being processed, which depletes some heat-sensitive nutrients. etc). As for breast feeding . I did this with my first as well. When it comes time to for your infant to start eating solid food, is preparing it yourself any better or worse than choosing pre-made, packaged baby food? Personally I believe the food we make for them is much fresher and therefore much healthier. The fact that they sit on shelves for a period of time and don't spoil has me thinking, what in god's name do factories put in them? It is so easy, and I knew exactly what my kids were eating. Unfortunately my children were fed formula since they were slightly smaller than the norm, nothing happened to them except that they slept throughout the night. Commercial baby foods are very processed and lack the freshness of foods made at home; for example, manufactured baby foods don’t expire for more than a year (stored in the pantry), whereas homemade baby foods last about three months in the freezer. If your baby loves the jarred stuff, buy in bulk. When my daughter was 6 months I made her baby food. I did use jarred food whenever we went out, but that was out of convenience. You have no guarantee that that the fruits/veggies were the best quality either. Some jarred foods really aren't bad, while others are atrocious. I swear that this is part of the reason my now 5year old is such a good veggie eater. In contrast, freshly home-prepared carrot juices and baby foods were all benzene-free (Lachenmeier et al 2010). The dinners don't contain enough meat to meet zinc and iron requirements. Does Mom still know best? Poor mom. If you look at the labels, especially the organic ones, you'll see that they only contain the fruit or veggie, nothing else. Have fun. At her 4 mo. And no worries, I won't let her sway my decision ;) Your children will be more accepting of different textures, and will be much more likely to grow up loving fruits and veggies because you gave them the REAL STUFF early on. Home made does not have such limitations. Once my children were ready for "thicker foods," I had a food mill that I took to the table (or restaurants or wherever I went) and milled food right from my plate! I made my baby food, too. It's very similar to fresh veggies vs. canned adult veggies. This can be less expensive, but it also has its downsides: It’s up to you. Usually it's best. According to Schnee, the concerns aren’t dire enough to rule out either type of food. If it's something I can easily make on my own, or I don't see pre-made, I go to town. I bought the baby food for both kids and think it is great! Your mother probably comes from a time where Gerber ruled. The companies don't have to label additives, like extreme amounts of citric acid. I bought some jarred food for outings only and she did not mind them. are there to take the place of the vitamins Cleveland Clinic © 1995-2020. No mom doesn't know best here. for the 10 hour drive, pre-make homemade baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays, pop out the cubes, and put them in zip locks. IMO its healthier and cheaper. Organic baby food companies usually get the better carrots and spinach for their baby food than found in supermarket. For these and other reasons, some parents opt to take the homemade route. First of all, I cannot imagine why anyone would believe anything that comes from a jar is actually better than something home cooked with positively NO additives or preservatives of any kind . Advertising on our site helps support our mission. Sorry mom!! I presume you start with FRESH items. Continue with what you are doing, I am proud of you. I breastfeed my son until he was almost 2. Breastfeeding is best and if you have the time to make food for your baby the it is better. The Truth About Expiration Dates, 7 Ways to Fight Food Boredom (When You Just Can’t Eat the Same Thing One More Time). So it's the same as you making a puree from the same fruit or vegetable. If you are making your own stict with it and good for you. Have you ever tasted it? eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'mamapedia_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',155,'0','0']));Me again ;) Hey Moms! Should You Cancel Your Holiday Gatherings This Year Because of COVID? There is a limit to how much kids need, limits in terms of vitamins, minerals, etc., more is not necessary better even if it was true that jarred foods have this. Steamed veggies and fruits, blended. She said baby food has very minimal nutritional value and that if it is out of date it has none what so ever;.Since it has no preservatives even just sitting in the light of the store is loses so much of it's value. asks from Denver, CO on March 31, 2008 9 answers. Hi S. When it comes time to for your infant to start eating solid food, is preparing it yourself any better or worse than choosing pre-made, packaged baby food? If he's scarfing down your homemade peas and blueberry purée, keep blending it up. Thanks!!! Make your own baby food. Products like peas are the same jarred or homemade. Well, you have already stated she "is closed minded to breastfeeding" so it sounds to me ANYTHING "natural" you want for YOUR daughter, your mother will object to. I bought all fresh produce, steamed it myself, and froze it in ice cube trays. If you don't, the jarred foods are fine. these foods lose vitamins as they sit in the store shelf or on your counter/fridge. SOME foods yes have added DHA I think. I always made my own baby food using what we were eating that night except fish until the baby was older of course. The vitamins that the companies add to their products in jars Even organic carrots from the supermarket can get higher levels of some chemicals, due to neighboring cultures. i have 2 kids and i have traveled everywhere with them, and never bought jarred baby food. She missed out on one of the great experiences of a mom's life. Don’t Feed Your Baby Solid Food Before 6 Months, Trash It or Eat It? I only had it available for on-the-go purposes. When I asked my pediatrician at the time, she said there is nothing special about baby food except the consistency.

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