The beginning point for parents concerned about their child's behavior or emotions should be an evaluation by a qualified mental health professional such as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. The Mental Health Continuum: From Languishing to Flourishing in Life ... and it is probably also a result of the general acceptance of the medical model of mental illness. The Social Ecological Model of Health. Understanding the mental health and mental illness continuum. It was a melding of the health risk continuum created by Lewis Robbins (creator of the Health Risk Appraisal) and Abraham Maslow's concept of self-actualization. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the professional will recommend a certain type of service(s) or program(s) from the continuum available locally. collaborative care model. Source: Gregg Henriques Here is a basic schematic of the health-illness continuum, with a focus on the mental, but we could substitute the biophysiological and make a very similar claim. The short form of the Mental Health Continuum (MHC-SF) is derived from the long form (MHC-LF), which consisted of seven items measuring emotional well-being, six 3-item scales (or 18 items total) that measured the six dimensions of Ryff’s (1989) model of psychological well-being, and In addition to chronic diseases, the health care continuum is often used in mental health and home health … The National Institutes of Health explains that for patients with chronic or life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, the continuum of care begins at diagnosis and continues through the end of life. Percentage of hospitals reporting routine integration of behavioral health services into The bio-psycho-social model is one approach to see how an illness, including a mental … The social ecological model conceptualizes health broadly and focuses on multiple factors that might affect health. This broad approach to thinking of health, advanced in the 1947 Constitution of the World Health Organization, includes physical, mental, and social well-being (World Health Organization, 1947). Once it was published in 1975, the continuum became an immediate success, an easy way to illustrate what this newly emerging wellness concept was all about. 2 ... munity mental health center, certified community behavioral health center, and/or a variety of other community-based ... along the entire care continuum. ... have lobbied over 40 years for a definition of mental health as more than the absence of men-tal illness (Jahoda, 1958).

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