Check timings at Roads & Transport Authority. It is a harmonious masterpiece in design, style and architecture, and evokes acute feelings of calm and serenity.External surfaces of the mosque are clad with white marble, white being a symbol of purity and piety and is a striking characteristic. Located at the northern entrance to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque complex, is a Coffee Club cafe. As with most places nowadays, you are required to pass through a small security X-ray machine. (Check currency converter here). Then you will be allowed entry to the mosque. I hope this post inspires and helps you plan your own visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Coming by taxi takes about 90 minutes and you can be dropped off & picked up from outside the mosque. We want you to get the most out of your travels, and build memorable travel experiences. Other domes can be seen at other entrances. In the main hall, the centre is blocked off to visitors. Time difference in soaring towers and buildings. January 3, 2017 Last Updated on October 6, 2020. A visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi should definitely be on your list of “must see” sights, if visiting United Arab Emirates. Of the 82 white marble clad domes, the main hall houses the largest. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It will cost around 270-285 AED each way. Here are some interesting facts about the mosque: Here are the different options to get to the mosque: From The Corniche, it is a 20 minute drive / 21 kms to the mosque, and there is designated parking in the southern car parks, which are located next to the entrances to the mosque. This income goes towards the sites running costs and enables us to provide our readers with free content. Popular: Booked by 126 travelers! Taking a taxi is very easy and reasonably priced. Trust me, you will be mesmerized by this grand Abu Dhabi mosque! Quick View. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. $65.13 per adult. You will be given headsets as you walk around the mosque. $36.63 per adult. 9 TIPS FOR VISITING THE SHEIKH ZAYED MOSQUE IN ABU DHABI. Show respect by arriving dressed accordingly. Women need to wear loose clothing which covers your arms, wrists, ankles and head. READ MORE. Also, if you want to take some great photos, the lighting will be great around sunset, when the mosque is surrounded be a colorful hue. Quick View. Yes, photos with your camera, video or phone for personal use, are allowed both inside and outside the mosque. First is Dubai RTA Bus E100 leaving Al Ghubaiba Bus Terminal (main terminal and nearer city centre). If you want to take the bus, this again is easy to do from Al Wahda Bus Terminal. Open / 7.30am-10pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun / 12.30pm-10pm Fri. A one-way trip should cost around 45 AED. Second is Dubai RTA Bus E101 leaving Ibn Battuta Bus Terminal. While sunrise viewing is not possible, you can visit in time for sunset, for a different view and photo opportunities. An architectural masterpiece, the mosque can hold up to 50,000 worshippers, and welcomes visitors of all denominations. The mosque has 2 small prayer rooms but the huge draw is the Main Prayer Hall which houses numerous outstanding design elements.The design of the central space in the main hall is a genius of architecture. There are toilets located at the cafe as well as the mosque. Women can borrow an Abaya (robe) and Shaya (headscarf) for free from one of the service desks before entry. Its design, inspired by craftsmen around the world, involved 38 contracting companies and more than 3,000 workers. So how do you visit this sublime wonder with respect? A uniquely designed lighting system, reflects the phases of the moon, and must be an arresting sight in the evening when the mosque is lit up. From The Corniche, it is a 20 minute drive / 21 kms to the mosque, and there is designated parking in the southern car parks, which are located next to the entrances to the mosque. Tours run for about 45 minutes, and you must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. That vision was to build a center which highlights the Tolerance of Islamic culture, Cross-Cultural communication and Coexistence between nations. The mosque is open for visitors from 9AM-10PM, Saturday to Thursday. Standing and gazing down at the intricate Islamic medallion design, it’s mind blowing to imagine that it was hand crafted by a staggering number of artisans, approx. Swimming pools a huge garden and seven huge chandeliers also exist in the mosque that makes hard to believe that its a mosque. These cookies do not store any personal information. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, and took 11 years to build. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Yes, the Mosque offers free guided cultural tours in both English and Arabic, and children are welcome. To avoid the heat of the day, the best time to visit the mosque, is early morning or late afternoon/evening. I would suggest 2-3 hours for your visit, if you are renting an Abaya, taking a guided tour and wanting to stroll around on your own as well, then this should be sufficient. No food or drink (even water)can be consumed on the grounds. These are free of charge. Elongated windows allow shafts of natural light into the hall. If you arrive outside of the tour times, you are free to walk through the mosque on your own, take photos and visit the library.The bonus of a guided tour, is your chance to ask respectful questions regarding Islamic and Emirati culture. Premium Abu Dhabi Half Day Tour from Dubai. Tour times are as follows: The dates of general cultural tours in the holy month of Ramadan, are: The mosque’s construction, was designed to “unite the world” and utilises materials and artisans from numerous countries worldwide. The guides welcome your questions and it is a great opportunity to meet a local Emiratis. The main prayer hall includes the largest carpet in the world recorded by the Guinness Book Of Records. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The courtyard with it’s 4 minarets, akin to towers, provide a visual focal point. It weighs in at a hefty 12 tonnes and is made from stainless steel, brass and gold. Have a wonderful trip, I am sure you will love Dubai! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This post outlines everything you need to know for your visit, including the correct etiquette for the occasion. There are designated taxi points at the mosque, and it is easy to get a taxi back to Abu Dhabi at night. mosques should therefore abide by specific ethics and rules and show their The mosque is located at Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street -between Musaffah Bridge and Maqta Bridge- New Abu Dhabi. Here are the different options to get to the mosque: Abu Dhabi to Sheikh Zayed Mosque – By Car/Taxi/Bus. There are 2 bus services from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. This allows everyone to take photos towards the centre of the hall, resulting in fairly clear views. If you take one of the free tours, you are given access to areas which are normally closed off to the public. These are free of charge. If you have any questions or tips, please share them in the comments below. We provide an honest and authentic resource for independent travellers. In other areas of the main hall you will see two smaller chandeliers of the same design. In Middle East, Resources / Tips by AngelaApril 20, 20202 Comments. There are strict dress codes which must be adhered to for you to visit the mosque. full respect by following the instructions indicated below: Page last updated on: November 29 2020 at 10:38:52, This site is best viewed in 1024*786 resolution Walk around the mosque in a quiet manner. No smoking is permitted on the grounds of the mosque. Saturday: 10 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM & 7 PM. 115 reviews. 33 Incredible Free Things To Do In Dubai To Save Money. There will be plenty of opportunities to catch a great shot, whatever time of day that you visit the mosque. The brain child of the founder and first president of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed Ben Sultan al-Nahyan, the mosque is a creation of his vision for the future. Abu Dhabi is a muslim country, with deep rooted beliefs and customs. From Dubai, it is about a 90 minute drive / 140 kms to the mosque, and as already stated, parking in the southern car parks is free. I would arrive early in order to take crowd-free photos of the exterior, then join the first free tour of the day. More info. These include: I think it is best to arrive appropriately dressed anyway, just in case there are no Abaya’s to rent. These specific rules must be adhered to, or you will not be able to enter or stay at the mosque.

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