Free delivery with $45 order. I like the dark stain. How to Turn a Bookshelf into Rolling Cart ». It is really fun to experiment with this technique. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. I was just given a dresser almost exactly like the first on shown it has a laminate top and I was wondering how I was going to finish it. On my to try list for sure, I love how it looks It is recommended to us an “high adhesive primer” before beginning. Hi! You are so amazingly talented, thank you for hosting each week, and sharing your skill, Tanya . I too, have taken MDF and turned it into a beatuiful piece. […], Barn Board Real Wood Beam W 1 3 15 X H 9 X L 11, […] re is none, in the same direction). Good luck! Still looks like wood, but is actually paint! I really like Burnt Sienna, Light Tan and Ochre. The easiest way to learn How To Make Paint Look Like Wood. Thanks for those tips! 5. The owner’s master bedroom was all Cherry Stained wood, I added more red tones using more Aged Mahogany to achieve this look: This bathroom had all white laminate cupboards and did not match the English Country Style of the rest of the Decor. Hi Karen, I’ve had this page up in my browser for so long, because I really love the look you were able to achieve, and I’ve been wanting to try it. It wasma thin veneer and happy days this tutorial come up. it looks gorgeous of course! Really just wanted one bottle of each color. Thanks for sharing Update:  Since I first wrote this post, Paint That looks Like Wood, I have used MANY different products. How to Paint Trim to Look Like Wood. ive had customers who wanted painted shaker type cabinets . It should look like this when you are finished with this ste […], […] brush, apply Tobacco Brown glaze all over surface, generally following the grai […], Barn Board Real Wood Beam W 8 X H 10 1 2 X L 10 120, […] apply Tobacco Brown glaze all over surface, generally following the grain, (or […], […] ile this is still wet, apply your Aged Mahogany colorant straight out of the bot […], Barn Board Real Wood Beam W 6 X H 10 X L 10 120 Co, […] e direction). I love this look! Is Modern Masters colorant available in most hardware stores? Just make sure to test a small area and work in six foot sections to ensure the glaze doesn’t dry before you can work with it to give the trim the wood grain effect. ***Optional step*** If you desire a richer, darker look, you can experiment by repeating the first step, just by adding another layer of the Tobacco Brown glaze, and then when dry, another layer of the Dark brown glaze. Don’t drop your drawers…into the trash that is, Redoux them! If you are doing a cabinet door, start with the middle, and work your way to edges. let’s start with the products. I hope you will try this technique! Natural yellows derived from minerals that are often used to brighten darker glazes when creating faux wood paint colors. Thanks, Jacinto. You can try this on just about any surface. ), I used my glazed wood technique. Befor I put my darker glaze on, the first must be dry?? Required fields are marked *. Set your store While this is still wet, apply your Aged Mahogany colorant straight out of the bottle. Make sense? Compare. I love and want the color of the table top. You are a faux wood diva to the 10th degree! Love the look and really can’t believe it’s not real wood! It has been pinned literally millions and millions of time, thank you! I’ve looked all over online and called all the stores within two hours from my home and they can’t seem to get it either? It should look like this when you are finished with this step. Kelly, I am impressed! 4.Now Use your cheesecloth Pompom to pull the glaze in the direction of the grain. Hi, can u explain why in step 1 u say ti apply a varbish before doing any if the fauz painting steps first? 2.When 1st step is dry, prepare your glaze by making a mixture of TB colorant by a 1:6 ratio with glaze. Thanks again for this great idea!!! The wonderful thing about this technique is the endless choices of wood tones you can come up with. Thinking about trying this out on an old laminated buffet that I have been storing for years. I like to pour some onto a paper plate and then use a ch […], […] t straight out of the bottle. We are considering buying a home with all white trim, doors, and cupboards that we would want to give a wood look. I have done this finish dozens of time with dozens of variations. To. You were featured this week – come by and grab a button! You can apply some to the edges, using a chip brush, and randomly throughout your piece to “darken” the wood. Available in ranges from very light yellow to darker sienna, I keep one darker and one lighter on hand. I have spent hundreds of hours sanding….this is such a GREAT blog….thanks so much for sharing……keep those projects coming!!!!! (Again, I like to pour it onto a paper plate). Is there a way I can paint a plastic barrel to look like wood? I like to pour some onto a paper plate and then […], […] et, apply your Aged Mahogany colorant straight out of the bottle. I just want to be sure I get it right. Use your chip brush to pick up the excess glaze that may have settled in corners and grooves. When glaze is completely dry, use some of your dark brown colorant straight from the bottle. Traci, Good to know. Pretty soon you will want to paint all kinds of things to look like wood. It didn’t suit the new owner’s tastes. You are very creative. Project Guide. While this is still wet, apply your Aged M […], […] glaze all over surface, generally following the grain, (or if there is none, in […], Mix Match Large Createacart Cherry Finish, […] s still wet, apply your Aged Mahogany colorant straight out of the bottle. Know! If you are painting a surface that is not easy to paint, i.e. – I am so eager to begin – Love this technique! I still love Modern Masters products, they are top quality (but not too cheap). Hi there! PLUS video tutorials and training if you are interested in this product please visit It should look like this when you are finished wit […], […] our Aged Mahogany colorant straight out of the bottle. So my question is, where do you find it? Apply Dark Brown glaze with a chip brush in the same way you did the first layer. Thanks! You are so talented! I just bought an older home two-story home. Another paint color that looks like wood is Umber. I used my Fuji Mini Mite Sprayer to paint out the chairs and the table base with Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in an outdoor paint they carry called “Resilience”. It would be too much of a pain to sand, stain and varnish so I was looking for a paint that resembled wood. You want to make sure you have a mixture of darker colors and lighter colors to create highlights and lowlights on the project. Stupid question…. Take care -Mohamed. I l […], Wire Brushed Real Wood Beam W 1 12 X H 10 X L 20 24, […] tle. Hi again Karen, I wanted to let you know that I FINALLY got my piece done…yay!! Local store prices may vary from those displayed. The only problem is the stairs make a turn at the bottom and there are 3 stairs that are triangle shaped and are made of plywood. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you are a genius!! AMAZING!!! If you are looking to duplicate this look by using less products and for less, I highly recommend you try Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint, Dark and Decrepit Liquid Patina and Crystal Clear Liquid Patina. laminate, etc., then it is a must that you begin with a high adhesive primer. But they are so expensive. Since I don’t have mad painting skills like you, maybe I could start out small – I’m talking a matchbox or a piece of doll furniture. While the rest of the world is removing wood from the face of the earth…it’s good sometimes to put it back on furniture!! Thanks so much for sharing. Once you get comfortable with this technique, you can begin experimenting with all different colors of glaze and colorants. It is almost all spindles and is currently stained a light oak. I’d like to try it on a wall. It should look like this when you are finished with […], […] t, apply your Aged Mahogany colorant straight out of the bottle.

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