But if you nail the pentatonic scales, you still can get up and running pretty quickly. This scale is named after Carlos Santana because of how he often uses this note in his solos. Once you have a chord progression, you can write a melody using notes from the pentatonic scale. Music will end up sounding flat and boring if you remove all the tension and spice from it. Inside this new free masterclass, you’ll learn the secret to making radio-ready music at home. Well… The blues scale is built upon the minor pentatonic scale but with one additional note thrown in: a ♭5. For example, to play the A minor pentatonic scale with the Santana note, you’ll play A, C, D, E, and then F♯, and G. This dissonance is a bit softer than the blues scale. “Stairway to Heaven”. ContentsWant to Make Incredible Songs?But if you just want to learn about the Pentatonic Scale specifically, keep reading.Finding the Major Pentatonic ScaleMinor Pentatonic ScaleWhy Does The Pentatonic Scale Work?What’s the Pentatonic Scale Good For?Songwriting with the Pentatonic ScaleTaking the Pentatonic Scale a Step FurtherThe Blues Scale:The Santana Note:What’s Next?7 Steps to Pro Mixes at Home But the bulk of the notes are still in the pentatonic scale. It’s not just the major/minor pentatonic scales that are derived from the major keys. If you play the guitar, it’s more about embedding the scale patterns. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. So if you know the major pentatonic scales, you automatically know the notes for the relative minor pentatonic scale. Then flat the 3rd and the 7th note. Most popular songs that you hear are played using the pentatonic scale. The next best way is simply to identify a major scale and then remove the 4th and 7th note in the scale. My mixes sucked for years until I discovered this ONE THING that gave me the ability to make professional quality music at home. You’re essentially mashing major/minor tonality together without changing the root note. But using dissonance takes more control and experience. Most music these days also uses a blend of major and minor chords. Most of us do. And it’s not just because it’s a current trend. Well done! But this is the flavor or color of blues and jazz music. Because transposition is usually pretty easy. He then focused on composing for film/TV and has most recently started to write/release work as a solo artist. It’s so strongly associated with jazz and blues that it doesn’t stylistically fit with other genres. Learn the major keys, and you’ll have an easy time identifying the pentatonic scale (as well as a bunch of other scales)! View all posts by this author. Or a verse might be more minor in focus, and then it shifts to major chords in the chorus (or vice versa). You won’t lose your place. And by the end of this article, you’ll understand all the ins-and-outs you need to use it in your own music. Watch this free masterclass now: Great songwriting is important, but you won’t get anywhere if your recordings don’t sound good. Thus, the pentatonic scale is a great place to start, because everything tends to sound great. They are also easy to learn. Remember that with writing music, everything is a remix. • So for blues, if the song is in C major, then you’ll be soloing using the C minor pentatonic scale. Guitarists with an interest in learning to play lead guitar must learn their pentatonic scales. We waste years focusing on the wrong things. Blues usually focuses solely on the minor pentatonic scale. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. You could end up with music that sounds amateur if you’re missing a crucial step. This differs from many "traditional" scales, which often have … But instead of starting on the 1, shift the scale down to the 6 (notes: 6, 1, 2, 3, and 5). Now you can find the pentatonic scale. Here’s a list of the Blues Pentatonic scales: *The RED notes are the ones that have been added to the scale. Imagine playing the pentatonic scale, jumping from note to note (in any order). But that doesn’t help guitar players (or any other instrument). “Heartbreaker”. The chosen root note is generally the point of reference for what key you are in. He then focused on composing for film/TV and has most recently started to write/release work as a solo artist. Best DAW 2020: Which Digital Audio Workstation Works Best For You? Inside are the only 7 steps you need to go through if you want your mixes to sound professional. As you can tell from the name, a pentatonic scale consists of Often, the easiest way to write a song is to begin with a chord progression. Your email address will not be published. So, what should you focus on if you want fast results? (How to Decide), The Songwriting Process: How to Write a Song a Day (Easy), 6 Ways to Crush Writer’s Block and Write More Songs, Home Recording Studio Setup [8 Essentials You REALLY Need], The 3 Types of Microphones You NEED to Know. For example, here’s a look at the C major scale: Notice how all the notes are the same, but we have just shifted the root from C to A. And it doesn’t help piano players find this in another key. Hi Jonathan, thank you for such an in-depth and thorough article on the pentatonic scale. You have some ways to use it, and you know some ways to expand it… So what comes next? Essentially, the pentatonic scale is a condensed version of the major/minor scale. Even though the note numbers are different, you can see that the intervals are exactly the same as the first method we used. • “Custard Pie”. Your IP: Want to Make Incredible Songs? For rock guitar, you’ll want to learn to play the pentatonic scale, which supplies you with better melodic fodder. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. You’ll no longer feel confused and overwhelmed by the recording and mixing process. There is only one disadvantage to this scale. So you could start with notes that are lower in the scale like the 1, 2, 3, or 5. Plus, it’s a bit more flexible so it can be used in many different genres of music. That’s why Musician on a Mission has created this new free masterclass for people who want the entire framework for making radio-ready music at home. That’s why Musician on a Mission has created this new free masterclass for people who want the entire framework for making radio-ready music at home. Also, keep in mind: this is a MINOR scale, but is usually played over a song in the MAJOR key. Then once that feels solid, you could look to how to add in a note or two that’s not in the pentatonic scale – to add some spice. Most of us do. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. You can usually determine the key of a song by where it starts or ends. Not that avoiding dissonance should be the goal. Even though blues songs are almost always in a major key. It’s likely that you’ve already wasted time, money and effort on the wrong things. Feeling overwhelmed with recording and mixing? Clearly, there’s something about those notes that’s very pleasing to the human ear.

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