Romanov Sheep - "Lambs by the Litter" The Romanov sheep are from the Volga Valley, northwest of Moscow. Unlike the British and American sheep of Romanov breed – genetically pure. The sheep are of medium-large size, and are known around the world for their fecundity. They definitely perform as advertised - they produce a lot of lambs. Many of the rat-tailed sheep (Romanov, Finn, Friesian, Icelandic and Shetland) have litters of three to four lambs, rather than just a single or twin lambs like other breeds. These days, they're not only known for their adorable appearance but also their winning personality. Romanov sheep can grow until the age of six. Romanov ewes tend to lamb in litters, unlike other sheep who have single or twin births. Sheep of the Romanov breed as easily adapt to cold and hot climate. The ewes horns curve back gracefully from her head giving her a clean neat appearance, but the rams horns are spiraled and magnificent. Romanov sheep reaches sexual maturity at the age of 4-5 months, but not to be exploited in reproduction. 4% Romanov - down 20%. The first mating is usually done at the age of 10 to 12 months, or when females have between 35 and 40 kg, and males least 12 months old. Romanov sheep are farmed primarily for meat. In addition, for each lambing of the sheep is born at the three lamb, and sometimes the number goes up to seven! Its too much of a good thing though. The Rambouillet sheep is quite a magnificent sheep to look at with their powerful full body, well-muscled build and their beautiful shaped horns. At birth they are completely black, but the fleece later lightens to become an uneven gray. Generally, medium to large breeds are good for meat.-Advertisement-Productivity. Genetically unique to North American and British breeds of sheep, the Romanov (a "pure gene" - not a "cross" of anything) used on traditional ewes, will produce a "hybrid" - high performance ewe for the flock of the future and a top gaining market lamb. Though they have been documented since the 15th century, it wasn't until 1962 that they became a standardized breed. Romanovs are astoundingly prolific breeders. Too many triplets, quads and even some quints are a labor and facility bottleneck. In order to grow my flock, I need a ewe that is less dependent on me. My interest in Romanov sheep has run its course. Romanov. They are extremely durable and have high quality wool is the best compared to other breeds. Sheep that breed out of season are best if you want to sell lamb for the Easter market. They start mating at just a few months of age, and quadruplets are not uncommon. The Valais Blacknose is a domestic sheep that originates from the mountainous state of Valais. In western states, where almost half of U.S. sheep are produced, the Suffolk ram is commonly used as the "terminal sire"—an animal with the best genetics to … The world record litter size for sheep is held by a Romanov ewe that bore nine lambs (most sheep have one or two). This ancient Russian sheep does grow a coat of wool, though it is naturally shed in the summer. Gregorian Romanov Sheep Farm PO Box 1102 Germantown, MD 20875 Email: Member: 2019-2020 Rosalind Hain 201 Monroe Ave Frederic, MD 21701-3113 (301) 788-8271 Email: Purebred - Unregistered Joined 9/13/19 Faik Holaci Halici Romanov Sheep Farm 2706 Urbana Pike Ijamsville, MD 21754 (301) 412-2222 They are excellent grazers, extremely docile and curious, and can be approached with incredible ease.

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