This is our first contact with SMSL … No local pickup (Sorry). M500 … Up for sell is a SMSL M500 Red MQA Dac Amp in excellent condition. The price of the audiolab, a current model, is three times that of the smsl. Comes with retail box and accessories. Thanks for looking! We thank team Apos Audio for this opportunity. Depends if they use the same connectors in m500 v2 as they blamed (corona supply issues) on … Boxy form factor is weird but fine. All shipping (USPS Priority Mail) / Paypal (Goods & Services) fees are included in listed price, CONUS only. Compared it side by side with topping dx3 pro v2, and in terms of sound, M500 is noticeably better, especially with he4xx. Not so good are pops in headphones when … Having a Feeling of Shame Gives Rise to Courage--SMSL M500 V2. Recently purchased the smsl m500 to compare a complete render and unfold of mqa files vs. a rendered file through roon passed on to my audiolab m dac+, a non mqa dac. My video review: Kunal of Apos Audio kindly provided the review sample to us and introduced to the SMSL family of products. Disclaimer: SMSL M500 was send to us as a review unit in exchange for our honest opinion. Please comment before pming or if you have any questions.

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