Each incarnation of Sonic in Sonic Generations comes complete with his trademark special move, Spin Dash and Spin Attack for Classic Sonic, and the Homing Attack and Sonic Boost for Modern Sonic. However, this demo also contained many unused files that revealed much about the full game, notably the stage list. Orcas appeared in both versions of the game, in Seaside Hill (360/PS3/PC) and Emerald Coast (3DS). Also in the final battle in the 3DS version, the Sonics boost directly at the Time Eater to deliver the final blow. [7] It contained an in-depth preview and interview with Takashi Iizuka. "[44] GamingXP gave the 3DS version 84 out of 100, stating "Sonic's debut on Nintendo's 3DS is a real success. The HD version of this game uses the Homing Attack lock on icon from this game. "[52] GameTrailers gave the game a score of 8.1, calling it "the best Sonic game in over a decade. They give him boost energy, just like in. PlayStation 3/Xbox 360JP 1 December 2011NA 1 November 2011 EU 4 November 2011AUS 4 November 2011[1]PCINT 4 November 2011Nintendo 3DSJP 1 December 2011NA 22 November 2011 EU 25 November 2011AUS 24 November 2011 In a mission in which Classic Sonic races Amy in Sky Sanctuary, Amy Races by twirling her hammer around in her hands. Two of Classic Sonic's idle animations, one where he looks at a "watch" on his arm, and one where he impatiently lies back, come from this game. The models of Knuckles, Shadow and Silver in the 3DS version's collection room are based off their artwork from this game. The 3DS version is to date the third game to feature monitors (instead of capsules or nothing) in Modern Sonic's stages. However, it concluded that the game was "an essential purchase for Sonic fans. Complete all Challenge Acts featuring Sonic's friends. Time Eater being initially believed to be the main antagonist only for Eggman to reveal himself as the true main antagonist near the end is a reverse twist to most 3D, When modern Sonic says "No stranger then rescuing genies and magic books or saving aliens in a interstellar amusement park," he is referring to, In the HD version, the rival and boss battle of the second era mainly used the Boost throughout the fight which was introduced in the third era (, In contrast, the rival and boss battle of the third era mainly used the. DVD-DLDigital downloadBlu-ray Disc3DS Game CardDVD-ROM (only in Europe and Australia), JP 1 December 2011NA 1 November 2011 EU 4 November 2011AUS 4 November 2011[1], Nintendo 3DSJP 1 December 2011NA 22 November 2011 EU 25 November 2011AUS 24 November 2011, 3 Eras, 2 Sonics, 1 Epic Adventure! In the Amy Co-op Mission in Chemical Plant, she uses her hammer to send up Sonic in the air. In the 3DS version, if Sonic gets a standard shield while having a Thunder one equipped, he will keep the Thunder shield instead of switching to the standard one. When pressing start in the title screen and when choosing an act in the 3DS version, the symbols from the Japanese box art appear. Find the spring hidden in GREEN HILL Act 1 and reach the goal with a. The second era is the only era in which Dr. Eggman is not a boss. In the HD version, the level progression for Classic and Modern Sonic are kept separate within eras. [3], Development of Sonic Generations began in 2009 when Takashi Iizuka realized that there was no anniversary game planned for 2011. Tetsu Katano, who directed Sonic and the Black Knight and did work on the Adventure series, directed the 3DS edition. The player can perform Freestyle Tricks, which can be used to fill up the boost gauge, by launching off Trick Ramps or passing through Rainbow Rings. Get the Red Star Ring located in the hidden room in SEASIDE HILL Act 1 and reach the goal. Each level can be played with either Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic, each taking their own routes throughout the level. The card patterns were taken from different Sonic games, including all the ones that are represented in Generations. The HD versions have a white colored design on top and bottom, where as the 3DS version has a blue design. Green Hill Zone, City Escape (Hero Story), Seaside Hill (every team except Team Rose) and Crisis City (Silver's Story), The Silver the Hedgehog boss battle is the only recreated/reimagined boss in the game that wasn't based off a second-to-last or final boss. After that, it goes all the way to the present day and Sonic is invited to a birthday party by Tails. Nintendo Power Awards - 2011 winners | GoNintendo - What are YOU waiting for? In the HD version, Omochao works as a guide by advising the Sonics, while in the 3DS version, Tails is the one giving advice (Classic Tails to Classic Sonic and Modern Tails to Modern Sonic). Aaron Webber mentioned in an interview, that if anyone were to be Classic Sonic, it would be Jaleel White. is also referenced, as he has the fourth Chaos Emerald of the game. This was her partner ability in, Sonic is able to call his friends to help him out with their special abilities in some of the missions. The Japanese version has different subtitles: White Time and Space (白の時空, Shiro no Jikū?) The hub world starts out at White Space, but opens up more as the Sonics pass through more levels. However, it leaves a trail of rings after it takes enough hits, just like both bosses did in. November 24, 2011. Sonic Generations stages. His idea for a tribute was accepted by Sega and developments began. Completing challenges, as well as finding Red Star Rings hidden in each of the main Acts, unlocks additional skills, as well as bonus concept artwork and music. 3DS On the HD version, in the cutscene were everyone is teleported back to their world, when Classic Sonic and Classic Tails go through the portal back in time, an image of Green Hill Zone is shown, even though Tails was never in, When both Sonics transforms into Super Sonic, an instrumental remix of, In the 3DS version, the main menu's music is the title screen from, "Hedgehog Jam," a music track, sounds similar to the music played during the, When booting up the PS3 version of this game, some of Sonic's sprites from, In the first demo, Sonic has a blue aura trail, similar to the one in, The physics engine is actually a modified version of the, On July 14, 2015, Sega posted a video of the cutscene played before the final battle, adding in footage from a motivational speech video featuring actor Shia LaBeouf. Underwater warning beeps are much more prominent in the console version. In the console versions, the player collects the Chaos Emeralds by defeating the three bosses and three rivals, plus one more that is automatically given when both Acts are cleared on Planet Wisp. After defeating the Time Eater, both Sonics and Tails return to the place where the party was going to take place, and Modern Sonic starts eating his chili dog. [24][28] Official Nintendo Magazine gave the 3DS version a score of 85%, calling the game "hugely rewarding" for "high-score chasers" but did comment on the main game's short length. It should be noted that all of the character and emerald models are from special missions, and the bosses are from boss missions. The writers for the story are credited as Ken Pontac and Warren Graff of Happy Tree Friends fame. The Tails' explain that they are traveling through time and space. On certain challenges, Classic Sonic has to "juggle" the Goal Post to a certain area in the stage. Although the Time Eater manages to nearly defeat the two Sonics, the support of their friends and the power of the Chaos Emeralds allow them to transform into Super Sonic and Classic Super Sonic, and confront both versions of Eggman. *If eligible for a Just for You offer, the final price reflects the combined Sale and Just for You offers. When facing backwards, this idle animation changes to have Classic Sonic point behind him, instead of reusing the same animation as in the original. "[31] The most positive review on Metacritic is a 9.5/10 from PALGN, which argues that the game is significantly better than Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Modern Sonic enters Casino Night falling from the sky, just like he did in every daytime stage in the Wii/PS2 version of this game. The music in the game was remixed by Jun Senoue and Tatsuya Kozaki, with guest remixes done by Tomoya Ohtani, Kenichi Tokoi and Naofumi Hataya (who remixed the classic versions of the Genesis stage themes), among others. The ultimate celebration of 20 years in Sonic gaming, Sonic Generations

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