It ended the last of this activity in 2000. The company is a trade guild given a royal charter in 1557 to regulate the various professions associated with the publishing industry, including printers, bookbinders, booksellers, and publishers in England. It held a monopoly over the publishing industry and was officially responsible for setting and enforcing regulations until the enactment of the Statute of Anne, also known as the Copyright Act of 1710. Richard Tottel was listed sixty-seventh out of the ninety-seven members named in the first charter. These include printing, papermaking, packaging, office products, engineering, advertising, design, photography, film and video production, publishing of books, newspapers and periodicals and digital media. The king and queen to all to whom etc. The Stationers’ Register was a record book maintained by the Stationers' Company of London. Stationers Company Charter Granted by Philip and Mary and confirmed by Elizabeth I. In 1559, it became the 47th in city livery company precedence. At some periods in its life it was of importance only to its own members; at others it played parts of some consequence in the history of the City of … Richard Tottel was listed sixty-seventh out of the ninety-seven members named in the first charter. And further we of our special grace and from our certain knowledge and mere motion, by these presents ordain, create, erect, make and appoint the foresaid Thomas Dockwray Master of the same Mistery or Art of Stationery of the foresaid City during one year next following, and the foresaid John Cawood and Henry Cooke, Keepers or Wardens of the same mistery or art of Stationery of the foresaid city for one year next following; and the foresaid William Bonham, Richard Waye, Simon Coston, Reginald Wolf, James Hollyland, Stephen Kevall, John Turke, Nicholas Taverner, Michael Lobley, John Jaques, William Ryddall, John Judson, John Walley, Thomas Duxwell, Anthony Smyth, William Powell, Richard Jugge, William Seres, Robert Holder, Thomas Porfutt, John Rogers, William Steward, Richard Patchett, Nicholas Borman, Roger lreland, Richard Crosse, Thomas Powell, Anthony Crofte, Richard HyIl, Alan Gamlyn, Henry Norton, Richard Lant, Henry Suttell, Andrew Hester, Thomas Devell, John Case, William Hyll, Richard Richardson, Giles Huke, John Kynge, John Fayerbarne, John Hyll, Peter Frenche, Richard Harryson, Humphrey Powell, John Clerke, William Copland, William Marten, Edward Sutton, Thomas Parker, John Bonham, John Gough, John Daye, John Whitney, Simon Spilman. N.B. The business employed out-of-work printers and disbursed some of the profit to the poor. In May 1557 the Stationers' Company formally received a Royal Charter of Incorporation. matters, suits and complaints, actions, demands and causes before any judges and justices, and in any courts and places; and they shall have a common seal to serve and make use of for their matters and business, and for the sealing of all and several their deeds and writings in any wise touching or concerning their affairs and business; and the Masters and Keepers or Wardens and community and their successors from tIme to time may make and ordain and establish, for the good and sound rule and government of the free men of the art or mistery aforesaid and of the forsaid community, ordinances, provisions and statutes whenever it shall seem to them to be opportune and fit, so as those ordinances, provisions and statutes are not in any way repugnant or contrary to the laws or statutes of this our kingdom of England, or to the prejudice of the common wealth of the same, our kingdom; and that they and their successors for ever shall have power to form lawfuI and honourable assemblies of themselves for statutes and ordinances of this kind and other things for the good of this mistery or art and of the same community, and for other lawfuI causes, in the foresaid form, whenever it shall please them, freely and with impunity, without molestation or disturbance of us or the heirs or successors of us the foresaid Queen, or of any other; and that the foresaid Master and Keepers or Wardens and Community of the said mistery or art of Stationery of the foresaid city and their successors or the greater part of them assembled lawfuIly and in a fitting place yearly for ever, or oftener or more seldom, at such times and places within the foresaid city as they shall please, may elect and make of themselves one Master and two Keepers or Wardens of the same mistery or art of Stationery of the foresaid City to rule, govern, and oversee the mistery and community aforesaid and all the men of the same mistery and the business of the same, and to remove and put out of their offices their former Master and their former Keepers or Wardens as it seems best to them; and that if and whenever it shall happen in any election that the Master and Keepers or Wardens and community aforesaid are equal in one vote one part against another, in such election that then and so often the Master of the foresaid mistery, if there is any Master at that time, or the elder Keeper or Warden of that mistery if there is no master of that mistery at that time, shall have two votes in such elections; and that the Masters and Keepers or Wardens and the community of the foresaid mistery and their successors for the time being for ever shall be persons, able and capable in law to give, grant, and let their lands and tenements, goods and chattels, and to acquire, possess, take and receive for themselves and their successors lands, tenements, possessions, goods, chattels and hereditaments to have, enjoy, and possess for themselves and their successors for ever, notwithstanding the statute passed concerning lands and tenements not to be put in mortmain, or any statute, act or ordinance made, or to be made to the contrary, so that the said lands, tenements and hereditaments thus by them acquired and received are within our said city of London or the suburbs or liberties of the same city, and so that they do not exceed in any wise the yearly value of twenty pounds of lawfuI money of England.

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