Q. Why Are Some A-B Stereo Arrays Angled Outwards? Vocal: Telefunken AK-47 (mk1), Hypercardioid Guitar: Eastman E10d strung with .12s, Dunlop .60 ultex Guitar mic: Peluso CEMC6 Vocal Preamp: Vintech x73i Interface: MOTU Ultralite mk3 More importantly, it delivers a very credible sound. The AK47 amplifier circuit is new, not a vintage reproduction. The signature line never materialized, but the name stuck. Microfon Telefunken Ak47 RFT (mk1) TV - Audio - Video » Accesorii audio-video 1 820 € Negociabil. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. I also tried this mic on acoustic guitar, where it put in a good performance (though I wouldn't buy one specifically for that application). By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. more info Quick view Add to Cart. Though not exactly bargain basement, the AK47 isn't overpriced for a multi-pattern tube mic, and you get a decent shockmount, so although there are cheaper options this model has its attractions — especially when you consider how smoothly it captures vocals. Before Telefunken USA could attempt to replicate an Ela M251, they had to reverse-engineer and document the original, because there was no blueprint available. I've tried less costly tube mics that sound every bit as smooth, but I think you have to work with a mic for a long time to discover its true strengths. The AK47 has a wonderfully retro look, with black crackle paint on the body and bright plating to the basket and surrounding metalwork. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. Good sound quality that is slightly flattering without being over-coloured. Photo: Mike CameronThe Telefunken name that we associate with rare and valuable microphones and preamplifiers dates back to well before World War 1. I used it mainly in cardioid mode but, even then, having a choice of cardioid widths was very useful. AK47 Yugo Synthetic Magazine 30 Round $19.95. 5840w cv3929 ef732 sylvania for telefunken ak-47 mkii & ela m260 microphones Regular price £8.00 £8.00 6021W PHILIPS ECC70 SUBMIN VALVE FOR RIAA & GUITAR PRE AMP, EFFECTS PEDAL Whether this mic is worth the asking price is a more subjective question. The capsule is a K67 derivative, despite the “47” in the microphone’s name. Mastering Essentials Part 4 - Mastering EQ: Balance, Don’t Match. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. As always, there's never a guarantee that a mic, however good, will suit a particular vocalist and if you're working predominantly with one vocalist it's a good idea to audition a wide range of mics to find the one that works best. For the rest of us, Telefunken USA have developed the RFT AK47 tube mic, which draws on the design ethos of microphones like the U47 but uses newly designed circuitry, based around more readily available parts, including a purpose-built AMI/TAB Funkenwerke B47 audio transformer, wound for them in the US. A seven-pin XLR cable connects the microphone to the power supply, which is a simple steel box with a three-pin balanced XLR output connector, a nine-position pattern switch (omni, through various widths of cardioid, to figure-of-eight) and a switched IEC mains inlet. Open. Not that this matters a jot, of course, because what makes mics of this type so attractive is the way they sound, rather than how they look on paper. Reminiscent of a cross between the historic M49 and U47, the AK-47 MkII is a microphone with superior high frequency detail and a rich, full low-end response, suitable for vocals, guitar amps and drums. Both mics are part of Telefunken Elektroakustik’s “RFT” series (for Radio Fernseh Technik). Open in the Guitar Center app. It is a center-terminated, large-diaphragm design with dual 6-micron membranes. The result is a microphone with superior high frequency detail and a rich, full low-end response. At the low end the response rolls off gently below 200Hz, presumably to counter proximity effect in cardioid mode, and at the high end the roll-off starts at 15-16kHz. Will this young gun fire the imagination like the Telefunkens of old? This seller is shipping orders within 24 hours, on average. A small metal U-clamp secures the miniature tube, and the body shell is held in place by means of a bright-plated locking ring at the mic's base. The one-inch-diameter dual capsule is sourced 'overseas' (which probably means the Far East), and uses a pair of six-micron sputtered gold-on-Mylar diaphragms. Although based on the same K67-style capsule as the company’s M16, the AK47 has a much different tone or color due to the differences in circuit design, tube model, and transformer. What is a "hybrid" audio interface anyway? It was  by Oliver Archut at AMI/TAB Funkenwerk, the supplier of the mic’s BV47 output transformer. false. This rather impressive-looking side-address microphone comes in a wooden box with a shockmount, a remote power supply and a Gotham GAC7 cable. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. In fact, it seemed that wherever I pointed it I got a positive result, and I needed little or no EQ to arrive at the sound I wanted... which is, of course, what we're all looking for. Includes: Microphone, Wooden Box, Shock Mount, PSU, Power Cable and Microphone Cable. Overall, the AK47 measures 46 x 240mm and weighs a substantial 30.5 ounces. Mastering Essentials Part 3 - How loud should I master? #4 MK1 Rifle Magazine, Repro. The original was developed during the 1950s in collaboration with Vienna-based AKG, as a competitor to the Neumann U47, and it used the famous AKG CK12 capsule. We used the Eyeball and mics on Voiceover, Rap and pop vocals. Telefunken were set up in Berlin as a collaboration between Siemens & Halske and the General Electricity Company and by 1939 the parent company had a staff of over 23,000 workers. more info Quick view Add to Cart. Reverb Protection has you covered. The market for large-diaphragm condensers for vocals is very crowded and there are plenty of alternatives available, such as the Rode Classic MkII and NTK2, the SE Electronics Gemini and M-Audio's Sputnik. The vacuum tube is a NOS Telefunken EF-732 sub-miniature tube. Also, you often find that cheaper mics sound great on one voice and quite disappointing on another. Skip to main content Skip to footer site5112377947 Used 112377947 Telefunken AK-47 RFT (MK1) Tube Microphone. Telefunken’s internal part number is TK47, but regardless it is the same China-made K67 copy as found in the M16. The AK47 amplifier circuit is new, not a vintage reproduction. Guitar Center: Shop for Gear. The TELEFUNKEN AK-47 MkII is a large diaphragm multi-pattern vacuum tube microphone that has been designed around a sub-minature pentode tube and a large format output transformer. This line of microphones combines imported parts with selected Western components with the intention of creating professional microphones at prices far below what the company charges for its vintage reproductions. As with all large-diaphragm mics, the AK47 isn't going to perform as accurately as a small-diaphragm model in omni mode, but provided the sound being recorded is positioned in front of it, it delivers. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Pictured is Nail the Mix winner Thomas Ferrell with his prize TELEFUNKEN AK-47 MkII microphone at Sphere Studios in Los Angeles. He apparently started out by looking at the possibility of providing replacement parts for some very rare and valuable vintage mics, including some Telefunken models, but ended up wondering if his company could just build the whole thing from scratch to replicate the original — and clearly he could! Find everything you need to make music. During its conception, the AK47 was intended to be a , named for Alicia Keys. The PSU has grey, hammer-finish paint and both mic and PSU bear the distinctive Telefunken logo.

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