Whether or not the Third Twin is actually Daft Punk or just the best Daft Punk rip-off band this side of Squarepusher is yet to be seen. They started to make music in the summer of 2010 in their basement. They go under the names: Yvan and Virgile de Homen Christo. Directed by Tom McLoughlin. by Alex Young. With Kelly McGillis, Jason Gedrick, Larry Hagman, Regina Taylor. The Third Twin is a electronic duo heavily influenced by Daft Punk. Their identity must remain secret. on January 14, 2011, 9:29pm January 14, 2011, 9:29pm They made their first album, Homemade, using old DJ equipment from their father. Update: Daft Punk really aren’t The Third Twin. The Third Twin songs that ... although you can almost certainly expect more imitators to come crushing hard on the heels of the Third Twin. A researcher's life is in danger when she discovers a secret cloning operation.

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