Part 2 visits some cutting edge issues, such as protection of personality rights and privacy, product liability, and compensation of disaster victims. Enable students to analyse and discuss contemporary issues of EU law. Student active participation is expected and encouraged, by asking questions throughout the class, as well as interdisciplinary approaches and examples. law. The European model (Regulation (Eu) No 1215/2012 of The European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2012 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters (recast); Council regulation (EC) No 1346/2000 of 29 May 2000 on insolvency proceedings; Regulation (EC) No 805/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 creating a European Enforcement Order for uncontested claims; etc.) In doing so, the course will insist on the following specific topics: – Bilateral agreements on the application of competition law, and the two generations of cooperation agreements, and. In contemporary world no business lawyer can ignore tax consequences of his or her acts. Drama and theatre studies and Radiography and medical technology. It cannot result from the mere application of a method or a legal solution at a given moment, in a predetermined space and on a predetermined level, by a duly identified actor. Those treaties lay down substantial and procedural rules to protect investments made by a national of one country in another country. will be used to illustrate theoretical and practical difficulties regarding jurisdiction in an international context. As a part thereof the liability for offering e-commerce services, such as linking, hosting (including cyberlockers) or streaming will be discussed. The purpose of the course is to focus on jurisdictional issues resulting from the implementation of domestic competition rules to international operations and anticompetitive behaviors. Russell Group universities – what are they? This course is aimed at students with an interest in legal developments in the field of environmental law, climate change policy and energy. See what makes a university special and discover where you belong. Similarities include: Reading materials include selected academic commentaries on comparative contract law, US judicial decisions, and US Restatement of Contracts and UCC Sections, as well as English translations of the French Civil Code. This approach will help the students to use European, American and international copyright law rules in their future career at law firms or at courts, and to undertake independent research on the subject, using both traditional and internet resources. Contrasts between E.U. The winning team will receive a special prize! There are also links to the academic help forums and university course forums for each subject. This objective requires addressing different questions in a methodological manner. All of these skills are vital to a job in law, but will help in almost every other facet of your life (i.e. The protection of cultural property under international law is an evolving field that has garnered the attention of scholars, practitioners and the public. The course will be divided in 5 parts : (1) For each kind of activity a different company ?, (4) The company in its international environment and. Get tips, tricks and wise words from students and experts at each stage. This course will study the institutions of the European Union under a dynamic and comparative angle. Food and beverage studies, See also: The course covers both international and comparative copyright law. The approach will be based on the perspective of the company in a global and international environment, with a special focus on European law. Part 1 of the course addresses general aspects of tort law:  functions of tort law (compensation, loss-shifting, deterrence, and prevention), compensation and prevention of hypothetical damage and connection with the precautionary principle, scope of tort law including borderline issues with contract and unjustified enrichment, organization of tort law (Anglo-American, French, and German approaches; shifts in categories), and loss of a chance and proportional liability. Beyond the revision of fundamental concepts of the areas of intellectual property law, other than patent law, we will focus on cases where the scope of application of the relevant law is at stake and also on cases of overlap between several areas of intellectual property law. In fact while EU institutions may seem static as a concept, they are the living constitutional structure of what is neither an international organization neither a State. In other words, we’ll be learning (with fun!) On each topic, a leading hypothetical case will help identify the issues and possible solutions, and discussions will be conducted in an interactive manner. – and some aspects of Mergers (Regulation (EC) No 139/2004). Students will learn to decipher the institutional provisions of the EU Treaties, the role and competences of each institution while understanding the interplays between them. The case law of the United States and the Continental European countries show a significant difference with respect to this topic. Cookies help us deliver our services. This course will introduce students to all key areas of international and EU environmental law by tracing legal developments surrounding the use and environmental impact of fossil fuels and nuclear power through to the growth of green  n.  The course will provide students with a basic understanding of international and EU environmental law, the EU energy industry and regulatory regimes and will give an insight into the practicalities of legal work in the energy sector.

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