It was surprisingly very tasty and perfect! Be prepared to love this salad of crisp greens, walnuts and lemony Dijon dressing. We love this salad! Just be sure to use high-quality cheese. I make the dressing slightly less healthy by adding about a TBSP of honey to it. Remove the kale leaves … I especially like the small salty bites of parmesan, and toasty bites of pecans throughout. Required fields are marked *. This salad was superb! As the salad marinated it got tastier and tastier – although I liked it as soon as I had completed making it as well. Even my picky eaters love it! So hearty and keeps brilliantly for days! what do you think? Angry about paper it takes to print recipe. So flavorful and filling! so easy to whip up last minute. If cheese is labeled “Parmesan,” it’s usually an imitation of the good stuff. I’m hooked and so is my husband, who doesn’t usually eat anything green. I made it yesterday for my Dad’s birthday dinner and everyone really enjoyed it. It’s not as pretty and you have to be careful not to mangle it, but if I’m in a hurry and not serving to guests, it works just fine. Thank you so much Jenn!! Bonus: it keeps well and can be made ahead of time. Let me know how it turns out! This sounds great…how long would just the dressing last in the fridge? What do you know, everyone ate the salad. Excited to try it. Hi Asra, Sorry you didn’t enjoy this! You can print from that box usually onto one page. I added some halved red grapes for some sweetness. I let it marinate in the fridge for 30 min but the flavor of the kale was still too strong. Doesn’t get soggy or limp before serving. Would adding bacon work with this recipe? THANK YOU! Also threw in a handful of craisins. I loved it & already was enthralled with kale. To the person who said the olive oil flavor came through too strong: I actually made the dressing first, and I thought so too, initially. This salad has been the most surprising recipe yet, as I am not a salad lover, and much less kale. This salad is absolutely fabulous and very nutritious! Yum! It makes a large amount but keeps for days, and my family loves it so much that it’s gone before I know it. This recipe is so simple, but the flavor is so complex. I do not like kale and brussel sprouts to me are meh. I have added strawberries in it and I also plan to add mango this summer to brighten it up for a lunch with friends and some white wine. I loved this salad, simple to make, very flavorful and very healthy. It was SOOO delicious! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s better in smaller amounts. (It’s healthy fats, I know. Do you have any ideas to substitute for the parmesan for my “no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no wheat” eating son? Your recipes make me look good! Hi Cheryl, You can replace the kale with more Brussels sprouts. Love going through your repertoire of recipes and deciding what to make next! Everyone I’ve served it to asks for the recipe so you know it’s good! My 14 year old daughter just asked if we could make it because she loves it! I am a devoted fan. I found your site in an attempt to eat healthier, and I have loved all of your recipes, so far. , Hi Ellen, it’s not necessary for this recipe but if you prefer to partially cook them, that would be fine. Thanks SO much, Jenn. Love love love this salad. I served it with your “Perfectly Grilled Chicken Breasts with Lemon, Garlic & Herbs” (as suggested) and zucchini crisps. Keep the great recipes coming. Your email address will not be published. I devour it by the bowl full, and have made it 3 times in 2 weeks. The roasted walnuts lend some kind of interesting texture cross-over, so that it tastes somewhat like the brussels sprouts are also walnuts. I also appreciate that you take the time to get back to all these commenters and with such patience and kindness. It pairs well with anything really as a salad or in place of a vegetable. I make it every fall as part of out Thanksgiving Dinner and even people who are self-proclaimed “Kale Haters” love this salad and come back for seconds. Because I make it so much I have made some shortcuts to help speed up my time in the kitchen. This was a huge hit….next time I will make double or triple the recipe!! This recipe was easy to make and so delicious. We have been using high quality lemon flavored olive oil and vinegar to enhance the lemon dressing. I substituted candied walnuts which Balanced the tartness a bit. Please keep in mind that this is a guesstimate. Taste is wonderful. This salad is one of my favorites to make, the entire family loves it including my kids! The red quinoa looks beautiful mixed with all the green and it makes the salad a little more hearty – ideal for a work lunch. I’m lazy, so I bought the pre-washed and cut kale, but ran it through the food processor (regular blade) to make it super-fine, and ran the brussel sprouts through the food processor with the 2mm slicing blade. I made this salad for the first time yesterday. Also just good on its own. How long can this recipe keep after the dressing is added? That makes a nice emulsion that is easier to pour over everything and no chunks.

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