Effective watering is the most important part of caring for citrus trees. Caliche is the most common barrier to good drainage in the Phoenix area so this barrier should be … Another key to watering correctly is running your water for the correct amount of time. A big part of learning how to grow citrus in Arizona is learning how to water citrus correctly. For young citrus trees (under 5 years old), water them twice per week in the summer, once a week spring and fall, (adjust accordingly for our fall days that are over 100 degrees), and in the winter, don't water much except during extreme dry spells. However, keeping a feel for the moisture level in the soil is one of the best ways you can gauge whether or not to water. Find 4 listings related to Watering Citrus Trees in Phoenix on YP.com. Citrus trees as a group are not well adapted to drip systems but they can survive on regular landscape water and drip systems can be arranged so that they can provide enough water but it is necessary to leave the drip system on for at least an hour and maybe several hours at a time to give citrus trees enough water this way. Here’s how you can maintain your citrus trees. Citrus trees will establish more quickly if they are planted in a location that has good drainage, although I have found they will tolerate some fairly bad drainage if not overwatered. Watering citrus trees can sometimes be tricky. Citrus trees are a staple in both residential and commercial landscaping in Phoenix. Scratch just under the surface of the soil… If it is moist you should be good to go. Watering Schedule for Newly Planted Desert Adapted Plants Weeks 1 & 2 Water 1-2 days in summer, every 3-4 days through Spring Weeks 3 & 4 Water every 3-4 days in summer, every 6-7 days through spring Weeks 5 & 6 Water every 4-6 days in summer, every 7-10 days fall through spring Weeks 7 & 8 Water every 7 days in summer, every 10-14 days See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Watering Citrus Trees locations in Phoenix, AZ. Oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits are just a few of the citrus fruits that thrive in Phoenix’s dry and hot climate. Many problems with citrus can be traced back to watering issues (too much water, not enough water, inconsistent watering, etc.). Caring for Citrus Trees in Phoenix. The most important aspect of growing healthy citrus is proper watering. Arizona Landscaping with Fruit Trees: Part 1 Citrus grow extremely well in the lower desert and in fact have been a commercial crop here for over 100 years. Watering. The good news is that citrus trees are just big old weeds. If you pick the right tree, water it, and give it a little fertilizer, then you will get all the fruit you can eat. The focus of this site is on growing citrus in the Phoenix, AZ, USA area, but it will generally apply to growing citrus in any desert area. Fruit Surprisingly, the weather in the Arizona desert produces some of the best tasting citrus in […]

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