The second theory suggests that the carbonara was invented by a cook who was a member of the Carbonari, the group of italian revolutionaries who fought against the Austrian occupation of northern Italy, active from the end of 18th century all the way to the Italian independence. Spaghetti was invented in 12th century Sicily. This is the curious story of the dish symbolizing Italianness. The first accound is found in the Libro di Ruggero, written by Al-Idrisi for Ruggero II Encyclopedia of Food and Culture: Obesity to Zoroastrianism. And in America, pasta is prepared and served similarly to the way it is found in Italy– with the exception of all-American spaghetti … Get an answer for 'Who invented spaghetti and where was it invented?' Pasta primavera is a relatively new addition to the sauce pantheon and it was created in New York City, not Italy. Since you asked “spaghetti”, it is the italian pasta it has been inventend in Sicily. Pasta, made from the flour of hard wheat with water and salt added, cooked by boiling, has existed in some form since the days of the Roman Empire. Was spaghetti invented in Sicily? More than 150 million cans of SpaghettiOs are sold each year. Passing through Naples and Genoa. SpaghettiOs (known in the United Kingdom by the generic terms spaghetti hoops, spaghetti loops, or spaghetti rings) is an American brand of canned pasta in tomato sauce. Let’s be clear since the beginning: were not the Chinese to invent pasta, hence it did not come to Italians thanks to Marco Polo. Popular history says that it was invented in China, and that Marco Polo brought the knowledge of this food to Venice. Made from any of several varieties of durum wheat (triticum durum) that thrive in dry climates, pasta has become one of the world's most popular foods. Ashkenazi Jewish families make kreplach dumplings. The spaghetti Polo encountered (and presumably tasted) in the far east was made from either rice flour or hard wheat flour (long noodles made from … Search this site Go Ask a Question Join Sign in. Instead, it was born in Arab Sicily, to then go up all over Italy. It became widespread in the 19th century because factory made spaghetti was inexpensive and easy to produce and store. and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes. It is marketed to parents as "less messy" than regular spaghetti.

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